What the First Day of School Looked Like

After our pep talk, I would like to tell you that I moved through Monday (our first official day of school) with grace and ease. But I’m pretty sure you all would throw something at your computer screens and call me a liar.

Y’all are edgy sometimes, you know that?

Anyway, it was just a soft launch for us. We’re slowly adding in one subject at a time until we’re up to full speed. I find this keeps my head explosions to a minimum and the kids take a while to notice we’re even doing school again. So this week, we began doing copywork. The kids love this routine and so do I, so it seemed like a good place to start. (We’re still finishing up summer science with the twins and math with everybody, so our days were already pretty school-ish.)

We read our devotion and I prayed over our year. Instead of handing out copywork like normal, I gave everyone their “Mommy verse” that I pray for them. Then I handed them a pillow case. They used fabric markers to copy their verse onto their very own pillow case.


For the most part, it went pretty well and their creations were very sweet.


Of course, when I instagrammed this photo, some of you were sharp enough to catch that right next to his verse about “fleeing youthful passions and pursuing righteousness and peace” Sam wrote “Ian Stinks.”


Ah, brotherly love and the pursuit of righteousness…

We finished up the actual schooling fairly fast so I decided it was a good day to start learning some new tasks for the year. Per Aubrey’s suggestion, I taught my boys to make granola so we can quit spending a fortune on cereal each week. When I called her an hour later with oats all over my floor and a sword fight happening in my kitchen to lodge my complaint, She insisted she never TOLD me to do it, she just said I could.


There was only a smoky oven once and a few open doors took care of the smell. Mostly. Overall, they did rather well and the end product was delicious. I was super proud of them. They’ll have to do it again pretty soon, though, because this is all that’s left of what they made:IMG_8950

That will last about another day I suspect. Although it’s possible there’s another meal’s worth on the counter and my floors…

So. How did YOUR first days go? Grace and ease, right? 😉

 *speaking of copywork – I am officially on staff with Brave Writer now as a teacher of their Kids Write Basic course. Registration opened yesterday and fills up fast, so I thought I’d mention it. The class is a great way to begin building a good writing relationship with your kids. They might even turn out poop poems worthy of Shakespeare. My original review of Brave Writer is here.  I will be teaching the October 28 – December 13 class. 



  1. Sounds successful! I’ll tell you about my first day – whenever it happens. I haven’t quite decided yet. 🙂

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