Wait, We Have To Actually Leave The House?

In all the tizzy of learning about our new baby (and oh, have I got STORIES TO TELL), Andrew and I are also having to consider the reality that, in order to bring Baby home, we have to actually leave here.  We’ll be gone to Uganda for several weeks (oh, my heart) with relatively short notice of our travel dates.  And you people know we don’t travel well internationally.

My head, it spins.

In the middle of all the spinning heads, I’ve got a new gig as a contributor over at Simple Homeschool.  (The idea of me writing for a homeschool website still makes me giggle.)  So I’m over there today talking about how we’re going to handle the homeschool issue while Andrew and I are gone. And I need your thoughts, people.  Chime in with any suggestions, ideas, or travel tips?  Please?

Meanwhile, feel free to ogle this.


I sure am.



  1. You, my dear, are a tease. When do we get to meet the whole baby, and not just bits and pieces?? I’m so excited for you all!

    On the homeschooling front, I have no ideas, except to remind you that, even if they do no school at all the whole time you’re away, I’m sure they’ll all be fine intelligent adults some day. Maybe you have a grandparent who loves schooling? When I went to Germany to visit my husband for ten days this summer, my kiddos stayed with my parents, and my mother did a unit study on anatomy with them. My son is the only six-year-old I know of who can accurately describe the location and function of the pancreas. (I may be boasting, just a tiny bit.)

    Per your recommendation, we’re trying Tapestry of Grace’s free sample this week. We’re really enjoying it.

  2. If I lived nearby I would love to help you. Your picture made my eyes well up. I am SO excited to hear this journey!!!!!!

  3. Lora Lynn, we are so happy for you!!!!!

    Uncle Jon and Aunt Barb

  4. Pudgy hands and feet! You KNOW how I love sweet feet! Can’t wait to add Little One’s prints to your wall!

  5. Well, I’m not jealous of the traveling, but I’m TOTALLY jealous of those little nibbly toes and fingers! We’re close enough to help…and willing. <3

  6. Oh, I want to nibble on those little feet!

  7. Ok- this is Mary Craig & so was the above comment so I’m not sure why LEIGHTON”S face pops up. He usually doesn’t say things like that. OOPS. 🙂

  8. Oh yes, those toes and fingers are sooo cute!!
    I really don’t have any suggestions on homeschooling while away. We aren’t there yet (so know that I’ll be taking notes from you!).

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    your going to need this…even if you have wonderful curls yourself

  10. SO CUTE!

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