We learned today that we now have a lawyer in Uganda to handle our adoption.  This is a Class A Super Miracle, but I can’t talk about it.  Let’s just say that we’re rejoicing big time around here.  We’re one step closer to bringing a baby home this year.  In a twist of irony, today I went to visit my ob/gyn.  For once, the two items are not related.

However, just like when I’ve been pregnant, I remember always being surprised by the contradiction between the Big News of Impending Baby and the constant mundane flow of life.  Despite life-altering imminent change, the transition to a new family member is slow.  Gestation, whether in body or soul, takes time.  Which is why, after a mini-celebration in the kitchen with Andrew on hearing from the lawyer, I went and made waffles and Andrew swept the floor.  And then we did haircuts.

I’m always surprised when the world doesn’t stop just because we’re having a baby.

And speaking of transition, I practiced a bit of “slow transition” by giving Ian a mowhawk before I finished his haircut.  What can I say?  Sometimes Mommy just has to liven things up a bit.


And would you people believe me if I told you that the connection between gestating and haircuts made total sense when I sat down to write this post?


Yea, me neither.

And now, stretching my premise to ridiculous proportions, we “transitioned” from hairy kids to clean kids by vacuuming them.  We are a classy bunch.


It’s probably a good thing our new Ugandan lawyer doesn’t read the blog, isn’t it?



  1. hooray!!!! that’s awesome — praise god for his wonderful provision and guidance. i’m thrilled for you guys and can’t wait for us to share stories and playdates with our new little ones from africa.

  2. yay! Happy for you guys! We were happy and excited once we knew who our lawyer was too!

  3. Does the vac really get all the hair off? lol.
    Congrats on the lawyer.

  4. Oh my goodness–the mohawk makes him look so much older! Fun though. Congrats on being one step closer.

  5. We are so excited about the lawyer. What a mighty GOD we serve! Can’t wait to meet my new nephew or niece. 🙂 Love and miss you all. (oh and btw Ian’s mowhawk is great! I have always wanted to do that with our boys, but they have not taken kindly to the idea! LOL!

  6. So happy we are getting closer to meeting the newest member of Vitafam. We are SO happy for you!! Your post reminds me of this article. http://www.familylifemomblog.com/2010/01/feeling-the-labor-pains-in-adoption-1.html

  7. Love the temporary do, although that would qualify as a fohawk (fake mohawk) around the Taylor house. I brought Braeden to the computer to show him the pic and he’s extremely jealous!

    Yipee on getting a new kid in the culdesac, we needed some more.

  8. Love the “mohawk”!! Can’t wait for your little one to get here!!!

  9. Hooray for God, and hooray for a new Vitakid!

  10. Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you all! Can’t wait to hear when you will be bringing your baby home! ((hugs))jen in al

  11. Congratulations! I’m so excited for your family. I hope all goes well with the new lawyer.

  12. So happy for you guys!!!

  13. Congrats! Thats great news! Did the lawyer give you any kind of time frame? We’re still waiting to hear from ours about a referral… Welcome to the wait!

  14. I can’t remember if I have taken the time to REALLY tell you this, but I am so, so, so excited for this new chapter in your life! AMAZING! I know God’s Hand is going to be all over this story.

  15. I am so proud of you. A mohawk. Good call, Ian.

  16. *whispering* we vacuum our kids after hair cuts, too.

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