When I was in elementary school, I had a teacher who gave us a study sheet before we would start a new unit. She titled it THINK or “Things I Need To Know.”

This always bothered me because the TH used two letters for one word and then there wasn’t a letter for To.

And yet, this is what came to mind when I sat down to write to you all tonight with a list of links and other things I think you need to know.

Further proof that our elementary school years are the ones that warp us and that I should be very concerned for the children under my tutelage.

THINKS (Or, Things I Need You To Know…S):

1 – I played around with a new video app yesterday called Montaj. I made you a video of what a typical morning around my house looks like. If only I’d had this app when I was sweating blood and tears over my recent Simple Homeschool post, I could have just SHOWED you what my day looked like, set to music and with all the gnashing of teeth edited out.

2 – Speaking of gnashing of teeth, Finn is trying to get some teeth to gnash. In the meantime, he’s gnashing his gums in misery. I sent out a cry for help on the Vitafam facebook page and got a myriad of great suggestions to try. He’s now rocking his amber necklace and smells fantastic from all the essential oils I’ve smothered him with.

If you’re not playing along on the Facebook page, you should be. You guys single-handedly helped me pick all of Ellen’s birthday gifts this year. (hint: go here to find out what we got her!)

3 – You can now subscribe to the Vitafam feed via email, if that is your preferred method. Click the orange button on the right up in the sidebar.

4 – In case you haven’t noticed, the Vitafam’s favorite soap lady is back in the sidebar advertising bath bombs. The Cheeky Maiden moved to a new state but she’s open for business once more and is offering you lucky readers a discount:

LOVEBOMB will get you 15% off any bath bomb through the end of February. STOCK UP, PEOPLE. You won’t regret it.

5 – If you watch the video, I mention Reading Kingdom. We’ve been test driving it this year (for you, I do it all for you, sweet readers) and I should have a review for your shortly. In the meantime, you can find out more here.



  1. I LOVE that video. It’s us. And now I feel normal. =)
    Taking care of business. 😉

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