The Rest Of The Story…

After I had a good cry all over my keyboard last week, we went on with our lives and never made mention of Mira’s refusal to kiss me good night. I just consistently kissed everyone good night before bed and made sure to get in lots of hugs with all my people whenever I could.

Last night, we sent the kids to bed in a flurry of activity, there being more chaos in the house than usual. I changed Mira’s diaper, gave her a kiss, and sent her up the stairs with a pat on her bottom. A few minutes later, while we were still herding the rest of the cats kids toward their rooms, Mira reappeared on the steps, bumping down on her backside slowly.

“Mira, baby, what are you doing down here? Daddy told you to go upstairs and get in your bed!”

“I fordot to give Mommy a kiss night-night!”

*insert Mommy puddle here*

I don’t care if she forgot my previous kiss or if she was just stalling to avoid bedtime. I gladly handed out another round of kisses and then some. You can never give too many kisses…

IMG_8922God is so good, isn’t He?




  1. Alexandra Young says:

    He really is! We have had similar heart-breaking-gut-wrenching-tear-streamed-faces moments with one of our kids recently, and I just love the small glimpses of Him changing their hearts! Never too many kisses 🙂

  2. “I fordot…” So sweet. Glad you had happy mommy tears. 🙂
    Precious, precious times.

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