The Home Potty Advantage

We have a system now to prep the house for a showing. I start in a room, clean it, and ban all children from entering it. Then they ignore these rules and I walk back into the same room later and the covers are undone and there’s a plastic shark lying on the bed.

This is the system.

We had two showings this weekend. Andrew and I scurried to clean and the children ran behind us tossing books on the floor. Eventually one of us decided we were close enough to leaving that we could strap the kids in the car while we finished the last little things and picked up all the dang books and why is there water in the hallway and oh, did we flush all the potties, wait a minute, did Willa poop in here????

You must understand, one of my greatest fears in this whole process has been that recently-trained Willa would stealth poop in her little potty and I wouldn’t find it and we’d leave the house for a showing and scare off our buyers with little Willa droppings.

Seriously, it keeps me up at night.

Because she’s sneaky. She’s got a potty upstairs and a potty downstairs and just as sure as I’m breathing she’ll have to poop right before we show the house. Only she’ll do it in the potty I’ve already checked and then not tell me.

Once we came home after a showing and I discovered poop in her potty only to be relieved to learn that she’d made it in the house before me and immediately hit the head without my knowing it.

This little non-event has made me a crazy person.


Willa playing ping-pong with a flipper. She slays me.

This was made all the more ironic when we were out  house hunting yesterday. We found a lovely home and the kids were running around oohing and aahing. Willa marched up to me and said, “I like this house, Mommy.”

“I’m so glad.”

“We can give our other house away now. That’d be okay.”

“I hope we can.”

She waggled her tiny finger in front of my face. “Only I don’t want NOBODY else pooping in my big girl potty.”

As a woman who has a preference for her home toilet, I can totally understand this.

Fortunately, Willa’s potty is portable, so we can bring it with us no matter where we end up.


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  1. Um…did you check the big girl potty at the house you were looking at before you left??? Can’t imagine trying to sell a house with that many kids around. Blessings to you, my friend!

  2. That’s one adorable little kid!!! And I like that she’s claimed her new territory! ; )

  3. OMG!! She looks like a feisty one, just like her mama!

  4. Smart girl! I wish I had my own potty that I didn’t have to share with anyone else!

  5. The joys of selling a house.

    When I only had 2 kids, and we stayed overnight once a week in the City (to stay with my husband who was working there, 2 hours away from home), I used to strap them into the car, start a movie then spend 20 minutes packing a small bag and tidying the house. I’m a fan of car seats.

  6. Oh, this made me chuckle! So so so thankful we have no plans of moving. Trying to show a house with young children would make me go gray.

  7. Oh potties. Oh potty-training. Or maybe those should be woes. Woe to the potty-trainer and to the hapless who encounter a potty-trainee.


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