The Final Boxes

Well, we did it. We conquered the basement.

Have I told you about our scary basement? The basement itself wasn’t scary, honestly, it was the most un-scary basement of all the houses we looked at. But since the painters were still working hard when we moved in, the majority of our boxes and belongings were thrown into the basement to be sorted and put away later.

Then Sam and the gang made forts out of the boxes, unpacked things, moved them around, and generally set about making me think I was going insane. When a box says “Kitchen stuff” and then it holds one muffin tin full of oats, a pile of scarves, 8 books, and a shoe it sets my head spinning.

Eventually, we had to bar the kids from playing in the basement because inevitably every time they went down there the sounds of glass breaking punctuated their play.

But this was our weekend to conquer it all. Armed with a plan and full pot of coffee, we set about opening the last boxes, putting things on the shelves that line the room, and deciding what we could live without.

The kids were very helpful being our gophers. They were excited by the fact that when we finished, they’d get their favorite play room back.

And despite the multiple interruptions that punctuate a normal Saturday for us, by 9 pm, we could safely call it: Finished.

What would make me a good blogger is if I had a Before picture to show you. But I don’t. So imagine if you will this entire floor area covered in furniture, boxes, and kid-made blanket forts.


This picture makes me laugh because somehow, unintentionally, I managed to photograph the room so you can’t see the GIGANTIC trash pile by the back door.

But we like to keep it real for you here, which is why it gives me pleasure to show you this;


On the other side of the basement is a slightly more finished area. We’re hoping to add a ping-pong table soon, but for now one end holds Sam’s drums (oh, GLORY, I can’t hear him upstairs) and the other end holds our books.


For being book people, it felt a little weird to put our books in the basement, but the upstairs is much cleaner and less cluttered feeling without them. I have the school books we need upstairs and everything else is ready and waiting for us downstairs. I even used a label-maker to keep it all organized. (All of my friends who know I’m allergic to label-makers just fell to the floor in a faint.)


One last little thing to show you… Sitting downstairs, just waiting to be installed, are my double ovens. We are planning a kitchen remodel and these shiny beauties (purchased for a great price on Black Friday) are living in my basement until then.

I like to think they class up the joint.


I go visit them often to stroke the shiny buttons and kiss them and call them “Precious.”

Exhausted but exhilarated from a good day’s work, Andrew and I sat on the couch and celebrated. “We did it! The very last box is unpacked!”

And then I walked into the school room this morning and found these:


Cue sad trombones…



  1. We have a lonely foose ball table that is looking for a new home….we were going to sell it for $25 in a garage sale….hmmm….it may look really nice in that basement…….

  2. I have boxes like those in our school room and I’m a whole month ahead of you. Get used to them. 😉

  3. Hannah Armstrong says:

    I enjoy a productive Saturday! I am envious of your play space in the basement. My hubby would love to help you design your kitchen. Get those ideas on paper so you have a plan to work with. Couldn’t resist sharing that. Renovationdesigns.co.

  4. I have to say I do like the books in the basement, that space looks quiet and welcoming. =) As book people ourselves I know the thrill of having all the book boxes unpacked and on shelves. This is the first place in four years that we’ve been able to do so. =)

  5. I think that last picture of the boxes is better than the trash pile picture. And if you really have ALL those other boxes done, you’re way ahead of us. We’ve been here 2.5 hears and still have boxes downstairs. They are mostly decorations because yeah, we’ve never decorated. Long story. Enjoy your new, nearly box free house!

  6. It’s like a horror movie, isn’t it? But you’re getting there! You! Will! Win! This! Battle!

  7. Packing and unpacking are my least favorite things to do. I actively look for distractions! Congrats on finishing the project!

  8. We are very slowly starting to look at houses, for an end of year move, possibly. Double ovens are my main priority.

  9. Oh, those ovens make me so jealous! And I love your reading area down there. We’ve set up a really nice toy area with a sofa and a cozy rug and chairs and just every comfort imagineable in our basement, but my kids will not go down there, no matter what, unless I go with them. Which, ahem, defeats the purpose. They are afraid of the loud, rumbling “Furnace Robot” which fires up frequently these months. Good luck with your last. three. boxes. Maybe leave ’em packed. Then you’re three boxes ahead if you ever (perish the thought) have to move again. xxx

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