The Cure For A Monday

There are some days that are just hard.

It’s Monday, the world weighs heavy, the kids are fussing, it’s cloudy outside, and the baby’s tooth won’t come through.


You want to cry but there isn’t time so you put one foot in front of the other and you spread the peanut butter and you play upbeat music to hide the sadness in your eyes.

Then you lock yourself away during nap time and try to find your smile under the covers where you must have left it when you crawled out way too early.

Until the kids, the two who fuss the most, come bounding into your room, cheeks red from the cold, grins wider than their mouths, like this:


The smell of the promise of spring fills the room and tickles your nostrils and there, hidden beneath the pollen, is the smile you’ve been missing all day.


“… And she smiles at the future…”¬†¬†Proverbs 31:25¬†



  1. Wow. Your kids are out picking you flowers. We are dealing with over two feet of snow and more falling.
    I’m glad your day got better.

  2. Had the same day like you (have 4 children…) and just now, after reading your post, my smile came back. Thank you!

  3. I loved this LL. <3

  4. So sweet.

    I was reminded of an old song yesterday, by Out of the Grey.

    “She counts the hours as she recounts her tears
    This day in life feels like a thousand years
    But in the changing light of time a doorway forms in her mind
    She smiles and sings the song that pulls her through

    If I know You, You will turn this day into a perfect surprise
    If I know You like I think I do the worst of times will work out right”

    And He does seem to do that, doesn’t He? His people are everywhere.

  5. Kelly – Out of the Grey is one of my favorite bands. Ever. So of course you would quote them to me. Of course. His people really are everywhere.

  6. Love that verse! So hopeful, so joyful. XO!

  7. Some daffodils would help bring my smile back, too.

  8. That’s so awesome! God knows exactly what we need and when we need it!

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