The Cheerleader Dress Code And Other Mysteries

Our sweet babysitter was cheering at her last basketball game of the year and offered us tickets. I took the girls for an evening out.

They learned of our plans in advance and were BEYOND excited. They woke up yesterday morning and carefully thought about their outfits to wear “for Miss K.”

All day long, they bugged me about leaving on time. Willa even forced her entire meal down because I told her she couldn’t go unless she ย ate her dinner. That ought to cover her required calories for a week or so. (She eats like a bird. Oh, for her ability to portion control!)

Finally, we loaded up in the van and took off. I hadn’t been on campus in many years and had no idea where I was going. Note to self: college campuses are not designed for 12 passenger vans.


Because Jesus cares where we park, He sent some kind soul to wave us in to the VIP parking right up next to the gym. And I ceased to panic that we drove all that way only to practice Reverse in the parking deck for a few hours.

We made a quick trip to the restroom that ended prematurely because Ellen heard the national anthem and rushed out the door so as not to miss the song she recognized and resulted in me leaving the bathroom still tucking in my shirt and buttoning my pants, much to the entertainment of the co-eds milling around. (Also, if anyone noticed my zipper wasn’t fully zipped, I’m really sorry. Three excited little girls were pulling me along at too quick a pace for proper putting together.)

Once we found some seats, Willa was full of questions. First and foremost on her mind, “Mommy, why do the cheerleaders have to wear bows?”


They were sporting some rather large ribbons. I told her, “Because we live in the South, sweetie. And that’s how southern girls show team spirit.”

She continued to pepper me with questions: “Why are those people sitting on the bench and not playing? Why is everybody yelling? Why are they wearing blue?”

She noticed everything and struggled to understand it all in her four year old brain.

Meanwhile, Ellen was quiet, taking everything in. She will process for a few days and then probably announce her intention to take up cheering. She doesn’t emote DURING an event, but afterward we will get an earful.

And Mira? She just clapped and cheered and danced. She was quiet, but happy.


We stayed til the very end (snacks and water helped us through the second half) and got our picture made with the favorite Miss K.


On the way home, the girls were sleepy, but not too sleepy to tell me thank you at least five times.

Totally worth it, just for that.

And then, right before she put her head on her pillow, a sleepy Willa stopped me in my tracks with this question: “Why are they different?”


“Why do the cheerleaders wear different size clothes than us?”

I barely stifled my giggle before I suggested she ask Miss K. that question the next time she comes.

If I were you, K., I’d blame it on laundry skills. Based on her mama’s laundry shrinking tendencies, Willa is very likely to believe you.

p.s. If the video isn’t playing, try right clicking on it. Depending on your browser, you may have to tell it to play.



  1. So fun! We go to quite a few college basketball games with our kids (and they get to go to one football game per season). They’ve accepted that the cheerleaders and dancers wear inappropriate clothes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So glad y’all had fun.

  2. HILARIOUS! I love this!

    Bows = team spirit. (snort)

  3. So cute! And they’re not just a Southern thing, the bows. Midwestern cheerleaders wear bows that would make Minnie Mouse feel inadequate. ๐Ÿ™‚

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