Standing Still In The Spin (Plus, a Spiffy Hippo Giveaway)

I know a lot of people talk about their “one word” for the year. For this life we lead, though?

There are no words.

Instead, I have a sort of mental image in my mind. First, imagine me standing in the middle of this panorama surrounded by children and laundry, and the room is spinning at a mind-blurring rate. As my little world spins around me, I can only be still and raise my hands. :

In the middle of the spinning, God’s got me with my hands up. Sometimes it’s in prayers of supplication, sometimes I’m begging for mercy, and sometimes I can do nothing but lift my hands in glory to the Creator of all things.

Because He gives us His stories to tell, I go back to my story and it’s beginnings. The girl who wanted to be a mama and thought she never would be. Who in loss and in waiting and in wailing, raised her hands and said, “Whatever You will.”

And look what He willed, y’all:


Seven pairs of feet to wash, literally and figuratively, every day. This hangs in the center of our home, our one big stone of testament to God’s faithfulness to two crazy kids who asked God to make them a family.

When I stand in the middle of the whirling, swirling dervish, this reminder of His faithfulness is at the center. It fairly screams out “Glory!!!” no matter how I’m feeling about my situation in that moment.  And so I raise my hands…


Our new canvas was printed by Spiffy Hippo and I hope you can take a minute with me to revel in its beauty. Such a huge difference in quality between this canvas and my last one. Spiffy Hippo is owned by dear friends of ours who put extra love and care into their work… and it shows:

They’re offering one of YOU lucky readers a chance to order your own canvas testament to God’s faithfulness in your life. Leave a comment and tell me what you’d get printed if you win one 16 x 20 canvas.

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  1. I’d do a family picture. We’re only three kiddos behind! 😉

  2. Ann Megill says:

    Either a picture of our seven kids or a full family photo.

  3. eileen marie says:

    A maternity photo…if God wills it. If not, a group shot of my huge, amazing family from our wedding!

  4. melissa prather says:

    I would a family shadow picture that I have been wanting to put on canvas!

  5. This is one of my favorite photos of all time. I love how it is a symbol for your family!
    I don’t know what I would get printed. *think*

  6. I’d love a family photo, but we don’t even have one of all of us together. (Maybe a good reason to get some pics taken if I win!) When I think of reminders of God’s faithfulness, I think that it would be cool for us to have a print including images of each of the houses we’ve lived in as a family. Each season has been significant in its own way, and the transitions between the places we’ve lived have been God-led even when they’ve been hard. I think a print of our houses would remind us of where God has taken us, and remind us that we can trust Him to lead us wherever we’re going next.

  7. A family picture for sure. We haven’t had one taken in many years (I hate having my picture taken!) but would like to get some done this spring.

  8. A family beach photo! one of our family’s favorite places!

  9. I would have a family picture printed, one with our newest member included…our long term foster daughter.

  10. Probably a family picture….we haven’t had one in years.

  11. I would probably do one with all the kids.

  12. I thought for a bit on this question…I would have it of my whole crew…their faces…all 5 of them. I call us the Reynolds Nation because we are a menagerie of people…blond, brown, curls, straight, white, black and even a bit red…I love how God put us all together…one adopted with love, the others born to us…but all loved as much. God is faithful…with a purpose to bring all of us together. I can’t wait to see what becomes of us!!!

  13. A new family picture…our newest little guy is just 6 weeks old.

  14. I would definitely have one of all of our children. Each one is such a gift, and each one had crazy extenuating, God-blessed, and God-guided entrances into this world. I am thankful, daily, for His protection on each of them and on me while I carried them and birthed them!

  15. I would definitely get a canvas of my family. But if you give a mom a canvas, she’s going to have to get professional pictures taken…..

  16. A picture of my husband and I swinging our daughter:)

  17. I am always on the fence with what to put on a canvas. I tried to get my boys to be superheroes for our Christmas picture and have some great shots of that, and I think those would be great memorialized on canvas. But, if I’m too chicken I’d put pictures of flowers that I’ve taken. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I’d put a photo that I took of the river near my home. The water is still and peaceful and the scene is so serene. It reminds me that God gives calm in the midst of the storms that are daily life with 5 kiddos.

  19. I’m not sure what I would put on a canvas, probably a picture of my two little ones. However, capturing a good picture of the two of them has been a little difficult lately.

    I love hearing your testimony, by the way!

  20. I would get a pic of the family, or representation of the family like you have. it would have my wedding set in it to remind me of God’s faithfulness…

  21. A family picture. We have no pictures on our walls of family! Sad I know 🙂

  22. I’m with Rachel, give a mom a canvas, and she’ll ask for a photographer. 😉

  23. Melanie A. says:

    A photo of our two boys, if I can ever get a good one with both of them holding still!

  24. the first thought that came to my mind was that, if I had a chance to get a huge canvas like that, I would wait, and once our adoption is final (which is a looooong way off) I would get all FOUR of my children on that canvas (3 biological and one in Ethiopia that we haven’t met yet)!!!

  25. Either a picture of my daughters giggling together or a family picture.

  26. Think I will have to steal your picture idea of little feet and get that printed. 🙂

  27. Definitely would do a family picture…especially considering we now have our new little guy home from Uganda!

  28. I would do a print of our airport homecoming when we finally become a family of 5.

  29. I have a great pic of my husband and I from our wedding. It was a candid shot a friend (not the photographer) took. I love it. 12 years and 4 kids later, I believe that my husband is my greatest support and encourager.

  30. You are blessed!

    I would print a picture from my daughter’s wedding last May. I had her my senior year in high school and my husband I were married when she was six months old. Every time I look at the picture of my family from that day, I am in awe of the road God has walked with us/carried us on. He is faithful!

  31. I would love one of my family, but I’m not a fan of being in pics so we don’t have one! So I would have one of my kids for sure. God has used my children to sanctify me tremendously and He is so faithful everyday.

  32. Would love a whole family picture of my parents, brother, sis-in-law, their kids and our family. Would be a great gift. Thanks!

  33. Well it certainly makes it tempting to find an upstairs open railing to get our own “feet” picture. We don’t have a new family photo since the addition of our newest member 3 weeks ago – but it would be either that, or maybe a picture of the sunset on the lake at our favorite vacation spot which the Lord graciously opened up to us.

  34. I would get a family portrait printed once our second little girl is born in May. We have a couple canvas prints but obviously all of my oldest girl so far! Would love to get the baby on one right away. 🙂

  35. It looks like this contest is over, but if I could have Spiffy Hippo do any picture for me, I’d have them print a photo of my entire extended family from my sister’s wedding. That’s a prayer in progress, and every time I look at that photo it makes me want to smile happily and pray tearfully at the same time.

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