Some Things

I have much with which to acquaint you…

1. I’m over at Simple Homeschool today explaining how I handle the myriad of choices available in a curriculum like Tapestry of Grace or Five in a Row. Hint: You gotta pretend it’s a buffet, people.

Only it’s a buffet without pudding, which is disappointing.

1.5. I am ridiculously proud to part of the Simple Living Media team and highly recommend any and all of their channels. My friend Ari recently launched the sixth channel, Simple Design, and it’s super cute. Totally out of my league, but really fun to look at. Also, Simple Kids is a great resource for ideas for the upcoming summer months. And I’ve currently got this collection of puns and jokes bookmarked for when I wish to be “fun mom.” These websites do not disappoint. Go therefore and bookmark…

2. I wish to get to know you. Hence, Vitafamiliae has a facebook page now. I’m trying to post over there when I can and you people have already come in handy when I’ve had a question like “How do I get sand out of this child’s hair????”

Also, during the early morning feedings, Finn and I have lots of prayer time. Post a prayer request on the wall and we’ve got your covered, mkay?

3. We finally bit the bullet and got a membership at the local science museum. I swallowed my fear of all the germs, armed myself with Purell, and off we went. (Gran and Pops went with me, since I am still currently one-handed.) We made it out with all seven kids still in tow and so far, no one has sprouted a tail or developed a rash, so we may even go back again!


Also, I think I’m growing as a person because this is the only picture I took all afternoon. It’s like I totally forgot I had a blog!

4. This. Just this.


So, what are your big plans for the summer months? How do you plan on entertaining your people???

p.s. Don’t forget you can buy your Tapestry or All About Spelling curriculum through the links on my site and contribute to more giveaways on the blog. And maybe a mocha for me. We all win!~



  1. We have never been to a science museum. Germs. They’re out there. I feel like a trip there will be a “sentence” to a week of sickness. I have a feeling that I need to “get over it” and take them, especially with summer being a time of less germs. But…

  2. Good for you on the museum thing! We’ve had a membership to our Children’s Museum (largest in the world!) for three years now, and my children absolutely LOVE it. It’s great to be able to let them just enjoy whatever they’re enthralled with, knowing we can go back another time for other things. Totally worth the price. And I haven’t noticed any tendency to get sick more in the days following a visit than at other times. Germs are everywhere. Let your kiddos enjoy life anyway. It’s better for them in the long run. 🙂

    I almost wish I was on Facebook – I have been rather frustrated with my ToG experience this year.

    Finn looks adorable!

  3. LoraLynn says:

    Elizabeth – You are always welcome to email me! Vitafamiliae at gmail dot com

  4. We should meet at that Science Museum sometime!! We love going there but rarely have other people (that also have memberships) to go with!

  5. LoraLynn says:

    Rachel – Absolutely! Would love that!

  6. Awesome pics!


  7. I can’t believe you took seven kids to the science museum. I’m afraid to take my one toddler to the toddler area of ours. You are officially my mommy hero! Also Finn is beyond adorable!!!

  8. #4? I die. That is just too much!

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