Seize The Day


I haven’t got any pinnable images or words of wit and wisdom for you. Just a story about a day that went from crazy to crazier and back again…

I knew it would be a full day when I woke up. We got an offer on our house last night (yay, God!!!) and I knew there would be negotiating and house shopping and interest rates to discuss.

On top of our normal level of chaos.

I dropped the four big kids off at co-op and then ran some errands with the three youngers. Tuesday mornings, by the way, are now my time to reminisce about the “days of yore” when I had four kids three and under. Three kids three and under feels pretty much the same.

I had just wrangled all three kids and a stroller into a bathroom stall at the doctor’s office when my phone rang. Ian had a seizure in his classroom. I called Andrew and yelled into the phone something about “Go get Ian!” because I knew he could get there faster.

Then I wrestled my little crew into the doctor’s lobby and cried all over the receptionist while I tried to explain why I had to miss the appointment I’d been waiting months for. I dragged my little caravan to the elevator and through the lobby and corralled them into the van before speeding off to check on my boy. This felt like a twenty minute process but I’m pretty sure I did it faster than that.

Ian hit his head when he seized and fell out of his chair and bumped his noggin pretty hard. He was a bit woozy, but he was talking and walking. He’s done this once before a few years ago, so it wasn’t entirely unfamiliar.

Ian wanted to go to sleep and asked for me to cuddle with him in the car. I hated to have to leave him but we knew it was better for Andrew to do hospital duty and for me to stick with the nursing baby. So I sent Sam to keep Ian company and keep him awake.

*insert dagger into my mama heart over my inability to be in two places at one time*

*deep breath*

*reassure myself I will pay for his therapy when he’s older*

A few hours later, Andrew returned home with the twins. The doctors assume it was another fluke episode. We will follow up with a neurologist and keep an eye on him.

And so the day raced on… We packed everybody up with snacks, water, and ipads and went house shopping. A few hours later, we agreed to make an offer on a house and now we sit back and wait for more negotiations.

Ian ended his day with a nice hot bath. (He got to play with the jets in my tub, a big treat!) Other than a headache, he seems none the worse for wear. Praise God!

I also ended my day with a hot bath. I wanted chocolate but that’s verboten right now while I try to lose this baby weight. A Cheeky Maiden bath bomb was a calorie-free substitute.

I sat and let the water relax me and held my hands open… in relief and gratefulness.  Thank you, Jesus, for dealing gently with us over the last 24 hours!

Glory to the One who sees the day ahead and doesn’t tremble in fear or bite His nails over his chocolate stash. Glory to Him who answers prayers! And glory to Him who holds my children in His hands when I cannot.

He is faithful.

So. Tell me about your day?

*I’m totally embarrassed by my punny title but I’m half delirious at this point and it’s all that comes to mind. Apologies.



  1. dearsweetHeaven! Hugs and Blessings sent your way! May tomorrow be peaceful and crisis-free! Thank GOODNESS He neither slumbers nor sleeps! Hoping the best for your house as well – can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  2. Oh my, what a day! Having moved houses several times with babies, you’re definitely in my prayers. Maybe I missed it, but did you tell us why you decided to move houses? Sorry if I’m being too curious. 😉

  3. I’d say you’re entitled to any puns at your disposal! Keeping your boy and your homes in prayer. He has a house picked out for you guys and I hope it’s acquisition is smooth!

  4. I want to feed you chocolate…or homemade ice cream. I’m sorry your day had such HUGE swings!!! Glad your boy is feeling better, though!

  5. If that kind of day doesn’t deserve dessert I don’t know what does! I’m grateful for the ending of the day, hugging you for how hard it was. xoxo

  6. I can totally relate to the 3 under 3!!!! It makes for lively days (and nights!). Thinking about you, friend, and enjoy following your blog when I get a chance! By the way, I thought the title was perfect…God “sees” the day! He knows exactly what our crazy days look like.

  7. Whew! I had a toughie as well! It is day #5 of potty training (I could probably stop there and you would all understand 😉 ) But on top of that, the 5mo-old is fighting a nasty cold… which means the little sleep I was getting is now even less! In one short snippet of the day, I was trying to cook a hardy breakfast of eggs and sausage when my 4yr-old, in all naivety, flips the 5mo-old out of her bouncy seat while “trying to crawl under it”… I send him to his room to cool a quick bit of anger towards his folly while I console the baby, who was unharmed, and stir the scrambled eggs. In the same moment I look over to see the 2yr-old peeing on the step stool next to me as he “helped” me cook! It was a great scene, one I’m sure mini-series directors will be calling me about for details, but all in all we survived and God is good 🙂

  8. Today morning my 2 1/2 year old daughter had a seizure. It was the first time I had seen anything like it. And it scared me to death. I remembered having read something about a crazy day you had had and that a seizure was involved. We just got home from the ER and I had to come find it.

    It doesn’t answer my questions about my daughter, but I could relate. And this mama was glad to know other moms have been there, done that.

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