One Last Time

We still don’t have an exact move date yet (don’t ask), but by my calculations, next week will be our last “normal” week here in this house. After that comes Thanksgiving and packing and moving, oh my!

I informed the kids of this and asked if there was anything special they wanted to do in our current house One Last Time. After all, we’ve lived here five years. Their answer? “Eat macaroni and cheese. Watch a movie. Play Wii.”

Basically, everything they do when the baby-sitter is here.

Andrew chimed in, “It’s not about the house for them, Lora Lynn.”

And that’s true. They’re not at an age to be truly sentimental yet. Or to remember much that happened any further than five minutes ago. But since my family heritage is one of sentimentality and stubborn reluctance to change, I decided to make a list for them.

Things My Kids Should Do Once More Before We Move (Or Not):

1. Visit every toilet. Dump half a roll of toilet paper in. Flush. Plunge. Repeat.

2. Drop small missiles over the railing at unsuspecting passersby below.


3. Take a crayon to every visible wall. Don’t forget the doors.


4. Slide down the stairs head first on their bellies. Safety first!

5. Slide down the bottom of the stair bannister in sock feet like they’re surfing.

6. Throw-up in the favorite spot right in front of the bathroom door.

7. Pee on the wall right next to the toilet.

8. Jump on the trampoline high enough to peer over the fence and watch ESPN on the neighbor’s outdoor TV.


9. Play hide and seek in the curtains until the curtain rod comes out of the wall.

10. Ride the baby walker up and down the hallway. The more siblings on the walker, the better.

11. Sit in Mommy and Daddy’s closet with an iPad and a jar full of peanut butter during a tornado warning.

12. Play in the fountain til everyone is soaked.


13. Ride bikes in the cul de sac.


14. Stand in the front window and watch all the neighbors walk by and shake their heads at the poor, unsocialized homeschoolers.

15. Sneak through the jack ‘n jill bathroom to the other bedroom and discover something to tattle on them about.

16. Climb to the top of the linen closet and hide there like Zorro.


17. Run naked through the house to retrieve a forgotten towel.

18. Squeeze everybody into the half bath with Mommy, a pile of books, and whichever child is potty training at the time.

19. Appear at the railing after lights out and ***Insert Request Here***

20. Stare in wonder at our naked Christmas tree which, sadly, we have retired after 3 years of service in our living room.


21. Take one last Masked Crusader ride around the downstairs.


22. Smudge every window, slam every door, and spread crumbs all over the floor. Just once more… for old time’s sake.

**Updated to reassure you, we have the “foot picture” taken with Finn’s feet in it. You can see it on the Vitafam facebook page.



  1. I love how you think. Let the good times roll!

  2. This is hysterical! I read your whole list to my husband–we have 8 of our own Littles, and my! This sounds like our life. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the smiles!

  3. take a picture at the railing with finn’s feet too?

  4. I was going to say the picture with finn’s feet, too.

  5. I was thinking the exact same thing as Lindsey. New pic at the railing is a MUST!

    (Also, I discovered we have a friend in common! Ryna Barnacle’s kids go to school with mine. 🙂 )

  6. You’ve lived A LOT of life in that house; the memories will follow you into the next one…. 🙂

  7. I love this list – it’s so true! Lol!!

    Isn’t your baby girl missing in the picture you have on here?? I counted and counted and couldn’t find her darker toes. 🙂 :-p

  8. Not on the main toe part, but the pic on this posting…

  9. Didi – Actually, the baby is missing in both pictures. The new foot picture at the railing is on the facebook page but I haven’t updated the blog. The picture in this post was actually taken before we had Mira or Finn. So it’s very outdated!

  10. Haha, this made me laugh and feel sentimental with you. The party and fun is wherever they are! 🙂

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