One Day

Finn has had a fever for two days and after another night of up-and-down, up-and-down crying fits, I determined I was taking him to our favorite pediatrician. And since Mira had a cough, might as well take her, too.

So I spent between the hours of 4 am and 5 am coming up with my plan for the day.

Because it is a truth universally acknowledged that babies who have cried most of the night will then sleep in the next morning, we had to actually wake Finn up to get through our day. The four older kids had co-op, which happened to be near our doctor’s office, which is way across town.

The hour it took to get all nine of us dressed, fed, and out the door still makes my head explode, but suffice it to say, we did it. (And to my friend at co-op who texted me to ask if Ellen could really eat the whole pack of Oreos in her lunch bag, I say thank you. Andrew hurriedly packed lunches and the kids were instructed to share with each other. They all conveniently “forgot.”)

We took two cars and wove our way through traffic to the doctor’s office to try and catch their walk-in clinic hours. We squeaked in with ten minutes to spare. I grabbed Mira and Finn and went to sign them in while Andrew whisked the rest of the kids off to co-op.

He returned later with Willa, handed her off to me, and then took the smaller car to go downtown.

Because we also realized that we’d lost Finn’s social security card and we needed the number in order to enroll for health benefits and the deadline was today. (Got that?) So Andrew spent two hours sitting at the social security office.

And I spent two hours at the doctor’s office. Finn has a mystery virus while Mira has an ear infection.


Don’t worry, I’m already hand-lettering the “Plague Among Our House” signs for the front door.

Andrew and I needed to meet up at an appliance store we didn’t really want to take all seven kids to, so I grabbed some snacks for us while he finished up at the social security office and then we somehow pulled into the appliance store at the same time. From opposite directions. It was a Logistics Miracle.

We did our shopping in between chasing the girls and comforting Finn, who was generally unhappy with everyone and everything. Who can blame him?

Then Andrew went to go sit at a coffee shop and work until the big kids were done at co-op while I nursed the baby in the van and then drove by the pharmacy to drop off a prescription and then home.

And that was all before 1 pm.

I typed all this out because when I regurgitated it for my mother-in-law later today (after I’d sat in my bed and nursed a mocha for awhile), she giggled. “You could get a degree in logistics.”

And maybe we could if such a thing existed. Because this was just another day for us. That’s how they go. We add “one” thing to our schedule and the logistical dominos it sets off stretch ad infinitum.

And I’d kind of like to remember that. I want my kids to know that when we were hauling them from point A to B to C 1/2 that there were 800 different variables at play. And Daddy and I were juggling them all as best we could.

And then maybe they’ll understand why I’m drooling in a padded cell somewhere.

My friend Laura has a special project tomorrow called One Day. In her words:

The idea is to document your day, capturing a slice of your life right now.  You can read more details here.  Mainly it’s just a hashtag #OneDayHH on Instagram or twitter of any moments or details you catch of your life tomorrow.  There will be a linkup starting Wednesday night, with one of the participants winning a $75 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs.  I would love it if you would participate in any way!
One Day at Hollywood Housewife

I’m gonna play along and you should, too. If you want to follow our day (and there’s currently nothing on the calendar, so I’m hoping it’s duller than today), you can follow me on Instagram. Make sure you use the hashtag #OneDayHH on whatever social media vehicle you use to capture your day. Can’t wait to see them all!



  1. Sounds like a full day. Just an FYI you actually can get a degree in logistics. I used to work for a logistics company and most of the management have degrees in logistics. Maybe one for your kids to study. Sounds like they would have a leg up and excel at it.

  2. This whole post just made me smile. You go girl!!! and I pray the plague is contained in the smallest one’s body.

  3. I remember being one of the kids in your story – so interesting to hear what my poor mom must have been feeling as she ferried us around and met Dad and juggled everything. And I think it’s crazy with two…

  4. Hi Friend! I have my undergraduate degree in Logistics from AU!! It really does come in handy!! 🙂

  5. Tipi- I wish I had your forethought in college! Woulda been handy!

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