No Down Payment Required

We still don’t know for sure where we are moving. We’ve been negotiating on a house we want since Wednesday. I am weary with all the numbers and back and forth and spreadsheets and “final offers.”

The ball bounced back into our court earlier this evening and my brain was reeling. Andrew took the phone to discuss things with the realtor while I changed Finn’s diaper. I started to pray out loud.

My children were un-phased by this, as they are used to me begging for mercy over a poopy diaper. But I prayed for more this time. “Jesus, we need wisdom. Is this our house or do we stop fighting for it?”

Finn stared up at me and blinked. I noticed that he was out of his clothes and I picked him up for a nuzzle. I buried my face in his belly and gave him a nice big zerbert.

He giggled.

I did it again.

He guffawed.

Once more and I got a deep, grumbly, growly, belly chuckle.

Baby belly laughs are a gateway drug. You can’t have just one.

Two more zerberts later we were both laughing, the kind of laugh that you feel way down to your toes.


And I knew then… it doesn’t matter if we live in our dream house or a temporary rental. Wherever that belly laugh is, that’s home.

We’re all still together. It’s possible we may experience more “togetherness” than we want in the upcoming months. But Together is exactly where I want to be.

Before the kids went to bed, I wrapped my arms around Ian and whispered another thank you for his health. He runs, he jumps, he uses bigger words than he should know, and he still lets me cuddle him when he’s sleepy.


These people: in sickness, in health, in laughter, in tears, with and without furniture, They Are My Home.

And the belly buttons come free of charge.


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  1. You are SO SO SO right…I’m proud of you for being patient and for knowing that home is not about a pile of bricks, but the people inside of it!


  2. Yep. Perspective. Nothing to add it to our daily lives like a few belly laughs from our kids.

    (Still, PRAYING for you and the house deal. Geesh, people. Just sell it, already!)

  3. All of this cleaning, showing, offers, banks, real estate agents, and house-hunting sound so familiar to me right now. The only difference is I only have one little one so far! If you can make it through, then so can I, but only with lots of help from our Lord! 🙂 I love those changing table giggles, too!

  4. Shannon – Heh. See, that’s the difference: I haven’t used a changing table in YEARS. My little one gets changed wherever he is on the carpet. 🙂 *fist bump of solidarity for being in house limbo*

  5. I had to remember this when we moved from our home state to this one a few years ago. It became my mantra, actually. “They are my Home”. Exactly.

    Gook luck with it all!

  6. So true. You always bring the best perspective after your mild freak-outs. I’ve come to count on them. <3

  7. Megan – I’m so glad you think my freak-outs are mild. 🙂

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