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One Day at Hollywood Housewife
So I wasn’t ready to write about the #OneDayHH project yesterday because, well, it was kind of a LONG day. You didn’t want Last Night Lora Lynn’s version of the day, trust me. But here is Next Day Lora Lynn’s version. Ready?

The day started with Finn snuggles (and smacking), as usual.


My fuzzy-headed Breakfast Club. They had oatmeal because they asked for it.


Wednesday is math day. Ellen is working on telling time.


And, as is the custom, Willa and Mira played with the Math-U-See blocks and managed to lose 1 or 3. But they were happy.


Finn got up too early from his morning nap and I began to realize it wasn’t going to be the sort of day that ran smoothly, but the other kind of day. The kind where I get held captive by a sick baby who must share his misery.


So I did what any desperate mother would. I made an early lunch. And when he was out of yogurt, I had to trick Finn into eating some veggies by pretending to dip them out of the empty yogurt cup. It only worked for so long.


It became an All Hands On Deck sort of situation, this business of keeping Finn somewhat mollified.


And when she wasn’t dressing her brother up in funny hats, Ellen was carrying around a plastic dolphin in a baggie. When it started to leak, she wrapped it in a towel and carried it like a baby. At least it was a flea-free pet.


After a second shortened nap, I resorted to wearing Finn on my back.


I decided to have pity on my poor stir-crazy kids who refuse to dress warmly enough to play outside now that it is cold. We made green play-dough.


And that kept everybody happy for, oh, I’d say fifteen minutes.


Once the mess was cleaned up, Finn held me hostage in my chair again until Andrew got off work. He sent me to my room for chocolate. He’s a good man.


While I was busy eating my feelings, Andrew reported that I’d also left the soup unattended too long and burned dinner. Later, though, we decided to just eat the top layer of soup. And it was yummy.

This is also when I realized what a blessed girl I am to get to eat three meals a day with all my kids. It’s messy and loud, but I know it’s good for relationships. Even when we get into ridiculous conversations about “if I was a snake…”


The fact that Willa was sporting her favorite pink cowgirl boots definitely improved my mood. (Also, Hello Crumbs on my floor. Did I mention we all eat here three times a day?)


A sick friend requested soup from our side of town (not my half-burned soup, but something from a favorite restaurant) and this seemed like a good excuse to strap everybody down and ride out the last hour before bedtime.


The trip took a little longer than expected, Finn denounced us all as infidels, and I was a very happy girl to curl up with him for that last bedtime bottle and then drop his sick little hiney into bed.


At last the house was quiet except for the hum of the espresso maker. Then I curled up with my laptop (Hail, Pinterest!), a decaf mocha, and my favorite man.


I ended the day with an episode of West Wing, as is my tradition. But I figured you people knew that about me already and didn’t need a picture.

Sadly, today was more of the same here at the infirmary. We’re dropping like flies around here. Poor Andrew is Manning the house on his own, we’re out of toilet paper and diapers, and all of our weekend plans, including Adam’s birthday football game, are probably down the tubes (eustachian and otherwise.)

Just another day here, y’all…

If you played along, on twitter, instagram, facebook, or your own blog, don’t forget to link up over at Laura’s place before Sunday. She gives good prizes…



  1. I SO want to do this but I forget every day. I need to put it on my calendar! This is GREAT!! 🙂

  2. LoveFeast Table says:

    Fun to see all the little faces! And I spied some velvet pumpkins in among all the other little pumpkins! ~CA

  3. I hope the plague runs it’s course and runs away from your house quickly.

  4. Funny question but did you make your dining table or purchase it? Details, please!

  5. Sarah – A local woman made it from boards from a local vaudeville theater that was falling down. I love to brag that the Marx Brothers, Buster Keaton and Mae West once danced on our table. 🙂

  6. I’m so sorry that you’re dealing with sickness, but I loved seeing these details of your day, friend. I truly don’t know how you do it. (But now I know a little bit better?)

    This was such a fun project, thanks for participating.

  7. It is amazing what difference a few years makes- our youngest is now 4 and oldest is nearly 11 (although number 7 is due in April) and we rarely have those crazy, logistical nightmare days of trying to get to the doctor with sick ones and somewhere else with well ones. Well do I remember it though- exhausting! Just last week I was able to leave my lethargic, dead to the world 6 year old home with his big brother- first time alone while I took the other 4 to a necessary appointment! A new day is coming 🙂 In the meantime, there’s chocolate 🙂 Now 2 questions- what kind of espresso maker do you have? That may be just what i “need.” And where did you get those math u see blocks?

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