My Brain Is Leaking

I forgot my zip code again today. It’s been happening a lot lately. I know I’ve lived here five years and it’s sort of an IMPORTANT ITEM TO REMEMBER. But it’s completely gone. Pffft.

The lady at the store running the cash register? Totally convinced I’m an idiot.

She may be right.

I am telling myself that as soon as we decided to move, my brain let go of my current zip code knowing it would not apply for long. But since I can’t seem to remember what our new zip code will be either, my theory may be busted.

I know my new house and yard are beautiful, but just for this moment, I want to look at my two lone front yard trees and be a bit sad. I will miss them next fall.

2012-11-01 16.04.49-WM

I promised the kids a semi-normal week this week. Which basically meant, “Mommy will buckle down and try to pay attention during school.”

So I’ve enjoyed a full week of reading lessons with Adam and Ellen. We’ve switched them completely over to the All About Reading program (Level 1 for her, the new Level 2 for him) and they really enjoy it. I’ll review it in detail later, but the short version is: this is more fun and just as easy as All About Spelling.

2012-11-01 10.19.19-WM

Finn is finally finding his rhythm and napping like a normal child. I hear angels singing. He still gets up too early for my liking, but he’s predictable about it, so there’s that. He still doesn’t have any teeth. It doesn’t stop him one bit. I’m the lazy mother who feeds him whatever the heck is in reach that he can reasonably swallow. Willa and Mira got to feed him his snack this afternoon.

2012-11-01 16.30.35-WM

He swallowed it just as fast as they could shove it in. I was right there supervising and making sure they gave him a chance to gum it a bit in between bites.

2012-11-01 16.29.19-WM

And everybody was happy.

And that pretty much sums up all the items in my head I can’t remember. It’s the calm before the storm. We’re moving at some unspecified date this month and there’s chaos ahead. But now, just for this moment, I can focus on reading and snack time and my toothless baby.

Zip codes. Bah.

Who needs ’em, anyway?




  1. Hey LL! I have a question for you! I decided to do all about reading for my five year old last year and this year b/c of your suggestion and we LOVE it. What I am unsure about is when to add all about Spelling. Should he already be doing that? We are doing first grade level on most things but somethings are kindergarten which is the grade he is technically in. Anyway, your thoughts would be useful! Thanks! And I KNOW how crazy it is to move, well, not with seven kids, but still moving is hard. Hang in there. I’m sure your new house is just amazing!

  2. Too cute! I love that the girls fed Finn! I can remember watching my toothless Godson chowing down on a big rib once. My friend shrugged and called it a Texas Teether. ; )

  3. I think it’s completely normal…at least I tell myself that too, because I’ve had a few pieces of info like that completely fly from my mind…things like zip codes, my parent’s address, my kids’ pediatrician’s name. And then you try to tell whoever’s asking that you usually know this info…as your mind just draws a blank…yeah, been there. Completely normal!

  4. Debi – I think you’ve got plenty of time to wait on spelling. Just focus on the reading and writing and the basics for awhile. The spelling will come in time. To be perfectly honest, we finished the All About Reading portion (up to Level 2) with the twins and then I only did one more book of All About Spelling before we stopped for awhile. Now that they are fluent readers, I’m just throwing vocabulary words from our core curriculum at them to learn to spell. They’ve learned enough of the basic rules (love that about the program) that I’m satisfied and I felt like we needed to spend our time on other things. Even if you do add it back in, I would wait a few more years until he’s a very fluent reader and writer. Just my humble opinion, though!

  5. Who needs brain function anyway?

    I think we should get Finn and Shelton together for another weekend… maybe Finn can peer-pressure Shelton into a similar decision to nap regularly?

  6. Your kitchen table looks like mine. That makes me happy.

  7. You do know the placenta is really part of your brain, right?

    I am just thankful I remember my own name, most days.

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