Show of hands: When did your kids make the transition from calling you “Mommy” to calling you “Mom?”

Because Sam recently decided we are “Mom and Dad” and I die a little inside every time he says it.

Part of me is immensely proud of his little manchild self. Like when he comes and wraps his suddenly lanky arms around me and tells me that he loves me or he’s glad I’m his “Mom.”

I fight the urge to cradle him in my arms while sobbing and instead tell him I’m glad he’s my kid. Although if I’m feeling ornery I’ll say, “I’m glad you’re my baby boy.”

Our Christmas day 050

My Baby Boy

Then he sighs and rolls his eyes (WHERE DID HE LEARN THAT?????) and says, “Mooooo-ooom” and I die all over again.

So here’s the deal, Sam-I-Am: You can call me “Mom” all you want. But just know that, forever and always, I will be putting “air quotes” around that word in my head every time you say it.



Because I’m your Mommy, dude. Til the day I die.

And then some.




  1. I couldn’t agree more! My three year old says mom every once in a while. I tell him “No, I am mommy!” With a big smile on my face. But, he is still young enough to smile back and say “ok mommy”.

  2. Awesome! I think with the youngers it starts earlier unfortunately. Example of the olders and all that. 🙁

  3. Somewhere along the way, early on in our parenting, my husband started referring to me as Mama. I wasn’t sure about it and still wonder sometimes, but my 12 year old still calls me Mama and I’m wondering if it’s a title that might just endure. I remember when I started calling my mother mom, but my dad told me he will always be “daddy”- and he is! I’m 37 and my sister is 28 and we still call him daddy!

  4. Oh, you have to save this post. I think it’s just brilliant, and he’s going to hate it so much and love it anyway!

  5. He will be your baby till he is 99!!!

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