Mira Gets Dressed For the Day

Mira got fresh braids put in today. I washed and de-tangled her hair and then sweet Mrs. Jean came and braided it up. We added Christmas themed beads, much to Mira’s excitement. She couldn’t wait to look in the mirror and preen. And then she spun around and gave me a great big ol’ CHEESE for the camera.


Is it possible for a person’s heart to explode with joy? That smile… it does it to me.

She hates sitting still for all the hair fixing, but she loves the results. Just like she appreciates what a good outfit can do for one’s day. She understands my friend Abby’s concept of Dress For The Day You Want To Have.

And the kind of day Mira likes to have is a “Spinny Dress Day.”


Β The more ruffles and sparkles the better and (I can’t help myself), if I see one, I buy it for her. It just makes her walk a little taller, you know? And I count those Walking Tall Days in my Mommy heart. Every. One.


The words are pouring forth from her lips more and it is such a relief to hear the thoughts behind the eyes she uses to shows us her heart. She turns those orbs on us and we are lost to her joy, or sad in her depths.


There are still days when she’s sad. And sometimes we don’t know if she’s sad because she’s two and a half and life is hard when you’re two and a half… Or if her sadness runs deeper.

Even though she seems like such a Daddy’s girl, last week when I stayed in bed with the flu, she fell to pieces and ceased to function. As soon as I got out of bed, the light returned to her eyes. Note to self: never get the flu again. For a myriad of reasons.


As mothers do, I struggle with how to handle her sadness sometimes. We never want our babies to hurt. But we don’t always know if we should simply console or encourage them to choose joy.

Recently, Mira’s tears aren’t so much about sadness, they are about jealousy. She is jealous for her parents.

Did you hear that?

She’s jealous for what she feels she deserves… She’s acting like every other nearly three year old I’ve ever seen. She’s acting like part of this family.

She has a place. She knows it. And she knows how to fight for it, just like every other kid that’s ever had a sibling and parents that they like.


So now when I see her lower lip stick out and she gets possessive and clingy, I want to throw back my head and giggle.

She was always ours. But now she knows it.

Glory to Him who grows Family in the heart of a child.

Glory to Him who grows the heart of a parent to love in ways they never imagined.

And Glory to Him who makes This Smile, today and every day.

As long as she wears it, she is dressed for any day.



*Beachy photos courtesy of Southern Rose PhotographyΒ 




  1. this is a gift to me, Lora Lynn. your mira – a gift!

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Oh LoraLynn, I know this feeling so very well! What a special kind of joy it is for both of you, and I am so glad Mira has found her way there so quickly (and yes, I also know that it doesn’t *feel* quick…) πŸ™‚

  4. That IS a gorgeous smile! Thank you for sharing. Love and am blessed and encouraged by your praise to Him! Beautiful!

  5. Love it! Her smile is priceless!! Thank you for sharing how she is growing and learning to love.

  6. That was so beautiful. You have such a way with words. And you’re right – Glory to God.

  7. Oh, that smile. A million watts!

    What pure joy it must be to see her growing into the rhythms of family life.

    And who doesn’t love to rock a spinny dress?!

  8. Love everything about this, LL! Mira’s smile is gorgeous and I adore her love of spinny dresses.

  9. This post made my eyeballs sweat. πŸ˜‰

  10. I tend to prefer to have a “Glitter Somewhere On My Outfit Day” as much as possible, so I get her.

  11. What a precious little angel! And such a beautiful post! πŸ˜‰

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