Me and The Lemon

I’m not usually one for bloggy commitments because, well, they’re commitments, but on Thursdays, Emily of The Anderson Crew encourages mamas to jump in the pictures with their kids on occasion. And since I realized that I am 13 weeks along and have yet to post a baby bump picture, this was the motivation I needed.

So here’s Me, Seven, and a lemon sitting on Willa’s head. And I didn’t make my bed.


About that lemon… It’s been helpful in talking to the kids about the baby to use images they can understand. So we’re following the progress of the baby bump in terms of fruits and veggies. The kids spend the week asking me, “Mommy, how’s the green olive? What’s a prune? How big will it be NEXT week?”

I’m not really convinced of the scientific method used to determine these sizes. The chart said the baby would go from peach to lemon, but we decided that a lemon was smaller than a peach. So, we’re saying that by 13 weeks we’ve achieved Lemon Size. Which, I guess, is the largest fruit that will sit on my belly without rolling off.


I’m currently growing a Peach. The kids are very excited that I will get as big as a watermelon before the baby comes. I’m glad somebody’s happy about that. In the meantime, our little Lemon is still up to first trimester hijinks, causing nausea and food aversions.


I am pleased to report, though, that I had a total second trimester sort of day today. I even cooked Pioneer Woman’s chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with gravy. Only I didn’t have cube steak so I used ground beef. Worked great.


And I didn’t heave over the sink.

Everybody wins!!



  1. I read your blog religiously, but have never posted I don’t think, but I couldn’t help myself today. I am almost 21wks pregnant and like most get over the nausea by the 2nd trimester but so far with all of my pregnancies (this is my 3rd) the food aversions last just about to the very end (they are so bad that I often lose a ton of weight WHILE PREGNANT). Anyway you say you had a 2nd trimester day and cooked that dinner. I looked at the dinner (which I would have found scrumptious if not pregnant) and thought *ugghhhhhhhhhh*. I will likely have to avoid potatos and gravy to the end now LOL! 😉


  2. I may just be partial to a baby bump and the glowy look that accompanies it, but that is the most adorable lemon baby ever.

    I heart you and your second trimester days and your bloggity commitments.

  3. I hate the first trimester. I can barely grin, much less take pictures. You are doing GREAT, on both accounts.

    Here’s hoping your appetite rebounds and you get to have chicken fried steak for breakfast. (Watermelon, here I come!)

  4. I read this and laughed. You and the liters of water….you are probably drinking enough water to make that lemon swim in amniotic lemonade.

  5. so cute! you look great! hey there, Baby Seven!

  6. You look fantastic. I hope you start feeling better soon!

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon! The Mentos was a great tip. I have been buying them four rolls at a time, and I think the convenience store people must think I’m nuts. (My bump isn’t showing yet; I’m just at 9 weeks). Chicken fried steak…it sounds so good! I wonder if I could get someone to come cook it for me?

  8. You are such a cute pregnant lady, I can’t believe this is #7 🙂

    Being not pregnant that meal look delicious! I hope it was.

  9. I saw the title of this post in my reader and thought it was going to be another post about The Beast. 🙂

    Adorable baby bump!

  10. Cutie Mama there! Hang on…I’m coming to pat that belly oh-so-soon!

  11. love the fruit pics—how fun for the kids to be able to compare!

    glad you joined us 🙂

  12. Aunt Katie says:

    Is that one of my tanks? If so, it looks much better on you than it did on me. Whenever I would tell J what size our baby was, he would say “Go Bean Go.” (Our nickname for the baby). It always made me smile. So “Go Seven Go.”

  13. You are cute. The only food item I can remember comparing my baby to was a can of tuna. Fruit is much better.

    Remember when you told me you weren’t sure you have have babies? I think you’ve overcome that hurdle.

    Love to you, Little Seven!

  14. Beautiful pregnant mama! I love the fruit idea, makes it so tangible for kids.

  15. You look adorable, LL! I am glad that you had a second trimester sort of a day. I hope you get over the challenging part and onto the easier part of pregnancy. I always love the nesting phase; I could go for that right now! 😉

  16. So cute! I love the pics! Still can’t believe it! Hope little lemon lets up on makin’ mama sick 🙂 Feel good and give that cute little belly a rub and hello from me!

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