Marian the Librarian

And, yes, Andrew and I totally dance around like that after the kids go to bed.

Andrew and I had a fairly substantial book collection before we ever had kids and since we added small people and decided to homeschool them, we are surrounded by books on all sides. See?


I’ve got a great geeky way to keep all of the books catalogued and I’m writing about it over at Simple Homeschool today.

Come say hi???

(And in case you’re wondering, I use Delicious Library for Mac. Worth every penny. Am hoping to write a tutorial for it soon.)



  1. Oh, I’m definitely going to have to check that out! I am curious – did you purchase all the books for Tapestry? We will be using it next year (Year 2, Lower Grammar) and I’m trying to decide if it’s worth it to purchase all the books, or just a few that are used more frequently.

  2. I checked out your post on Simple Homeschool before I even knew it was you! But I loved it and immediately downloaded Delicious Library and have been having some delicious fun. I’m a writing major/English teacher/homeschool mom married to a pastor–can we just say LOTS OF BOOKS! This will be so awesome. I’m pumped. (and the kids will love the little voice that comes on after scanning the barcodes)

  3. LoraLynn says:

    Kari – Last year, I picked up what I could used and then filled in from the library. However, this year my husband asked me to purchase everything because our library fines were horrendous. I only buy the books for the categories of history and literature. Definitely buy any books that are used more than a week. If you live close to your library, you’ll be able to make do with that, especially at the lower levels. It’s much easier to substitute (so I’m told) at the LG and UG levels. Getting on the TOG Loose Threads yahoo group really helps you find the books used and during the summer is a great time to do that. I also put my book list for the next year (not the one we just started, but for the 2012 school year) up on Paperback Swap just to see if I can get anything that way.

  4. Thank you so much for the advice! We don’t live that close to our library so I’d really like to fill in what I can. We have been looking for things this summer, and while I’ve found several books at used curriculum sales in the area, there are still lots of gaps. I just learned about Paperback Swap a couple months ago and hadn’t thought of looking there yet. Thanks for that and the other tips! You are our inspiration for checking out Tapestry and giving it a try, so it’s great to know what your experience has been. My husband would rather I buy than deal with library fines too. =)

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