Love Feast Velvet Pumpkins – Heirloom Giveaway

I don’t do seasonal decor.


I am the running joke of the cul de sac because you will never be able to determine the season by looking at my front door. There aren’t any wreaths. No holiday flags. Nothing festive or indicative of cheer. It’s a house. We live there. The end.

One year, my neighbors took it upon themselves to decorate our yard for us. We came home to two lit up reindeer and a giant inflatable snowman in the front yard. What was even funnier was that one neighbor insisted we give the snowman back that night so it could return to its rightful place in her yard.

Anything that decorates the inside of my house has to be low on the clutter spectrum. We have too many kids to bring in more clutter. And I like it to have meaning. I don’t want a collection of 72 nutcrackers in the house, I want the nine that my sister-in-law gave us as the longest running gag gift in history.

The kids, however, would like a little festivity. So we settle for some construction paper turkeys the kids made at Thanksgiving and our naked tree branches at Christmas.

And everybody is happy.

I recently had the privilege of spending a weekend with several blogging friends. The LoveFeast girls were there and pressed these tiny velvet pumpkins into our hands. I’d seen them, of course. If you’ve read the Nester or Pioneer Woman, you’ve seen these pumpkins.

But to hold one, that’s different.

They feel so… comfy. Soft, squeezable, elegant, and just right.

I took my pumpkin home and tossed it on the dining room table in my frenzy to unpack. For the next 24 hours, I found that pumpkin all over the house: the laundry room, the floor of the living room, under the table, on the counter. The kids wandered around holding it, making up stories about it, singing songs to it. It was touchable and, check it, SEASONAL.

Andrew and I talked it over and decided a purchase was in order. Now we have a stack of pumpkins that look like this:


I love that they can live in my house from September until Christmas. And if I want to, I can yank the orange ones and leave them out well into March. And maybe longer… (I’m not big on change once I find something I like.)

I love that they’re kid-friendly (They have to be gentle, of course. No baseball.) Most days, the pumpkins look more like this:


Or this:


I snapped this picture and walked away. A fist fight broke out not five seconds later over the pumpkins. True story.

Most of all, I love that these will hold up. They’re timeless. It’s one of those things I want the kids to expect to be sitting out when they come home in the fall twenty years from now. (Lord, please let some of them come home…. Wait, no, let some of them leave so they can come home…)

I remember growing up there was a little brass angel that spun around and tinkled when its candles were lit. It was the most annoying thing ever. And yet every year, it sat out on the piano and we played with it and talked about how obnoxious it was. I think it eventually went to “the farm” or wherever it is annoying toys go to die, but it’s one of those unforgettable things that I know if we still had it, we’d drag it out every year and expect it to be just as annoying and just as necessary to the season as the Christmas tree.

That’s what I think these pumpkins are. Only they’re not obnoxious. They’re beautiful. Changeable. Something to cherish and use. They’re an heirloom absolutely worth saving your pennies for.

But one of you won’t have to. The LoveFeast ladies are letting me GIVE AWAY SOME PUMPKINS.

One lucky winner will get a TRIO of the LoveFeast pumpkins (just like mine!)

Here’s how to enter:

Mandatory: Leave me a comment telling me your favorite childhood seasonal decor or a favorite heirloom you have now.

Optional: Like Vitafamiliae and LoveFeast Table on Facebook.

*Some of you have complained that you couldn’t enter giveaways because you weren’t on Facebook so I made the comment the only thing required and it will get you more points in Rafflecopter. Congratulations if you understand that last sentence because I barely do.
Ok. Enough rules. Go forth and enter:

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  1. My favorite season to decorate for is fall/thanksgiving.

    Thank you!


  2. Jessica Brammer says:

    We had these glittery hand prints that went on the tree every year. I think I made mine when I was in 1st grade, so it was fun to measure my hand against it every year.

  3. My favorite decorations are two different table centerpieces – one is 37 years old and the other is 17 years old – the first was given to my mother from her mother on my first Christmas – the second was given to me from my grandmother on my 20th Christmas. Both are so dear to my heart!

  4. Christmas was the only time for seasonal decor as I grew up. While there were always lots of garlands, the tree, and other decorations, we weren’t done getting ready until the wax figures were out. Candles that never got burnt…a santa, snowman, two carolers, nutcracker. They sat in on the shelf among greens trimmed from the tree.

  5. Leah Eatmon says:

    Our fiber optic snowmen. Those come out even on the years that the tree does not

  6. Our nativity set at Christmas is my hands-down favorite. A beautiful gift to me at age 5 that I still have and put out every year.

  7. oooh those punkin’s look adorable. when i was a kid we used to drive around the trailer parks for inspiration for christmas decor–we were especially fascinated by “christmas balls” which were made by balling up a bunch of lights and gluing clear plastic cups all around the outside to make it into an orb-like structure. we liked them so much that people starting buying/making them for us. i thought they were so magical.

  8. We have a brass-tinkling-candle-lit angel–the kids adore that thing, and I get so aggravated attempting to assemble it every year! 🙂 I mean, I tried to leave it in the box last year but utter protests and mournful groanings went up…out it came and found a place (or five) where it was constantly getting knocked over or just being in the way of something for the month of Christmas. They are mesmerized by it, though, when the candles are lit.

  9. My favorite decorations are the blue and gold
    Christmas tree ornaments my husband and I bought our first Christmas together. We could barely afford socks, but we wanted something to keep from our first married Christmas.

  10. my favorite decor was a Christmas ornament that was a little pair of ballet slippers. my parents took me to see the nutcracker when I was 7 and I fell in love with classical ballet, so they got me the ornament after the show. still have it 🙂

  11. I have a nativity set that I love!

  12. My favorite decoration growing up was mr and mrs Claus made out of newspaper by my great aunt. It was a conversation piece at my grandmothers house and I wish I still had one.

  13. Definitely a Santa Claus someone gifted my husband and I at a wedding shower right before our marriage. It has been with us since the beginning.

  14. My favorite all time holiday decor would be the Nativity set that belonged to my great grandmother, it was her mothers and then got passed down to my mom and will soon be passed down to me, and then in time I will pass it to my daughter.. its such a special piece as you can see the wear on each piece. We were always allowed to play with it while we were at great-grandmothers house and I look forward to one day having it at our house too…

  15. I loved the handmade snowmen my grandma made/set out each year.

  16. Kris Street says:

    I LOVE the porcelin christmas trees that have the removabel little bitty lights and plug in.

  17. We are trying to reestablish traditions, but I do still have the heirloom clothes I made for my children when they were little. Those are my favorite.

  18. Growing up there was this tacky old time Santa with jungle bells that hung on the back door and every time someone opened the door he jingled and jingled. I am 39 years old and my Mother still puts him on the door. He no longer has a face, but he certainly still has his jingle.

  19. My mom has a vintage Santa (from the 50s) that she sets out every year with our old christmas books. Love that Santa!

  20. My mom has a hand painted Precious Moments nativity set, with a creche my dad made from forever ago. To this day, I love going home and setting it all up.

  21. I’m not much of a seasonal decor person, but I have the loveliest Christmas wreath made out of ornaments and a kissing balls that I adore!

  22. Jana Brown says:

    My Papa always hung a large star with red light bulbs outside. Even if we had Chriatmas at the lake, he’d hang it there.

  23. Meredith Klobucnik says:

    I have some ornaments my grandmother made when I was just a baby that are very special to me.

  24. My favorite decor is the golden egg at EASTER. It was all about fun, competition, and sharing all at the same time. My Mamaw would have a wonderful Easter story and spread, and she was the most Godly woman I have ever met!!

  25. My favorite holiday decor item was our nativity set at Christmas. My mother would place the three wise men across the room and move them a little closer each day so that they would arrive on the Epiphany, January 6th.

  26. My favorite was a white flocked Christmas tree especialy at night with glowing lights!

  27. I love that my gramma always kept the Christmas crafts we made and hung them on her Christmas tree-even the old cottony paper plate Santa heads 🙂 Her kids and grandkids all have something on there and I’m 32!

  28. Patti Brown says:

    I have some Christmas ornaments that were my mothers that I love. They remind me of my childhood. They are on the tree every year.

  29. I love seeing all the ornaments we made as kids. My parents still put my kindergarten ornament on the tree and I’m 25! I’m keeping all my kids stuff and cant wait to have a collection of them.

  30. My favorite childhood decoration was a Teddy bear that u can push his paw and he sing, annoyed my sister greatly another reason for the love.

  31. My husbands grandmother gave each of the kids a personalized ornament every year. We now continue that tradition with our kids. It’s always something that pertains to their previous year it’s so fun to look back on.

  32. I have a lovely handmade nativity set from my godmother. She made me a few pieces every year and it took 7 years for me to get the whole set. I cherish it and my kids make a big deal of setting it up every year.

  33. My parents have Mr. & Mrs. Claus made out of bleach bottles with doll heads and clothes – it’s crazy to explain, but without them, we’d be devastated.

  34. These are gorgeous and fun! I intend to be a seasonal decorator but it doesn’t always happen the way I hope!

  35. My favorite time of year to decorate is….all year long! However fall and Christmas are my faves. My favorite heirloom that I have now are these tree ornaments that are cross-stitched by my mother. I have always been so proud of how incredibly talented my mother is. These ornaments just feel like “home” to me when I see them.

  36. Oooh! So pretty! I’d LOVE to win! One of my favorite Christmas decorations is a porcelain ornament of Santa Boeing at the manger. It broke a few years ago & won’t hang on the tree so it’s become a decorative figurine & sits on my mantle now. My mom bought it for me when I was about 11 or 12 because I was in a church play called “Santa Bowed at Christmas”.

  37. Shane Oberle says:

    A snowman wind chime that hangs over the door in my childhood home every Christmas. It just isn’t Christmas without the sound of that chime!

    Shane, momma of twin boys Alex and Sam

  38. My grandmother always had these little felt elves that had their knees tucked up with their arms around them. I think recently they have come out with reproductions of these vintage elves, but they just aren’t the same as my Grandmothers. She is gone now and my Mom now has the treasured elves. It isn’t Christmas without those elves!

  39. We weren’t big decorators at our house growing up (and I’m still not – kind of like you). Perhaps that’s why Christmas always holds a bit of magic. The one time the house is transformed by beauty. So I vote for the whole kitten-kaboodle..plus our stockings. Made by my mom, coordinating, but each distinct. Mine was red.

    Love these pumpkins!

  40. Amanda Huddleston says:

    I was raised by my grandparents so ALL decor was vintage , and my very favorite was from Christmas. My grandma would let my brother and I decorate the tree with vintage stuffed animal ornies!!! My favorite was a rocking house that was red, yellow and green. She still puts it on the tree!

  41. I have a couple of my grandparents ornaments when they were first married in the 1930s. I love them.

  42. My mom had several children’s christmas books that sat on our coffee table for the christmas season and were read EVERY year. And i now have the nativity figurines that were moved around and played with for many many years and now have glued on ears, and legs and chipped off pieces from all the love.

  43. I love Fall the best. The colors and leafs are beautiful. I love the fairs and apple picking. Snuggling in front of the fireplace with a good book and glass of wine……I love to decorate for the fall. I start the beginning of Oct and keep adding lol.

  44. Every year at Christmas time, I would go to my grandparent’s house and help them decorate. First, we would pick out a tree and then spray it with that stinky canned snow. Then my Grandma and I would decorate the entire house. She had everything: little Santas in sleighs, ornaments, angel hair, lights, centerpieces. I could never pick just one thing, it was the feel of the house at the holidays that I loved the most.

  45. I will always treasure the Christmas stockings my grandmother knit for us when we were young.

  46. My favorite Christmas decorations are all the nativity scenes my mom has. I don’t do a ton of seasonal decorating either. We also always take pictures w/ the strands of Christmas lights before they go on the tree.

  47. Hi there : ) Evergreen scented candles are my favorite for Christmas, and pumpkins for fall!

  48. My favorite Christmas decoration was our olive wood nativity. Even as a child I loved that my parents had purchased it in Bethlehem. My siblings and I would play with it for hours…

  49. Fall was always a huge deal at my house! We would put up homemade gumball spiders, pumpkins, yellow and orange streamers, and lots more. Fall holds a special place in my heart!

  50. I loved arranging, and rearranging, the nativity set while I was growing up. Now my kiddos do the same!

  51. We had decorative candles that we put out every year at Christmas. As a child, I was fascinated with candles that were strictly for decoration and COULD NOT be burned . . . ever.

  52. I have a little ceramic flower pot that’s shaped like a turkey. I just love it. It was my great grandmother’s and it always adorns our table during the Thanksgiving Feast. I’m too afraid to put it out any longer with a variety of things flying through the room at any given moment. 🙂

  53. When I was a kid, I loved our walking-singing wind-up Santa Claus. Now I love twinkly lights and greenery. The velevet pumpkins are gorgeous.

  54. Rebecca Ward says:

    When I was 5, my dad and I went to a pumpkin patch where they still had pumpkins for free or only a few dollars. I picked out the biggest pumpkin I had ever seen and called it my “tangerine” pumpkin because it was a reddish orange. Ever since then I’m on the look out for a similar one. Unfortunately ones those size cost a fortune

  55. so so cute!

    My mom had these Halloween door hangers that my sister and I use to FIGHT over… They were yarn woven on the plastic rectangles… one says “Boo” and the other “Trick or Treat” and I have them now and they are the UGLIEST, most HORRIBLE looking things ever… and still are! But when we were younger, we would fight over whose bedroom door got which one!!

  56. I bought more, too! : )

  57. My favorite fall decor is a tacky plastic pumpkin with a fake plastic mohawk that sticks up at least a foot into the air. To make matters worse, it is illuminated from within so that the face, and hair, glow. The kids aren’t old enough to be embarrassed by it yet, but I’m sure that day is coming. You can take the girl out of the tacky (grew up quite used to tacky plastic), but I’m not sure you can take the tacky out of the girl. 🙂

    This is much classier decor we are talking about here. It would be a welcome change!

  58. I love decorating for fall & Christmas. When my kids were little we had a great scarecrow (named Mr. Scarecrow) that we would put out each October – until someone stole him! My favorite Christmas heirloom is the nativity set we bought many years ago on our honeymoon.

  59. Love them!

  60. My favorite decorations are the Christmas ornaments that hung on our tree and my Grandma’s tree every year. Some were homemade, some were not (like the kinda cheesy, plastic 12 days of Christmas ones). My sister and I started making ornaments for each other so that when we got married we wouldn’t have a bare tree for our first Christmas on our own…those are funny. (why did I think that large BLUE plastic acorn was so cool?) But it doesn’t seem the same if they aren’t hanging around for Christmas so they are there.
    I really love those pumpkins and love that you let your kids handle them. I think they’d be living a similar life at our house. 🙂

  61. Hannah Armstrong says:

    I’m not a seasonal decorator either with the exception of Christmas. My grandmother had this plush mr and mrs Claus that would always be out somewhere. My parents have a collection of handmade carved wooden Christmas trees and old empty paint thinner cans that are cut and painted to be candle holders. Beautiful. My dad is very crafty. Those pumpkins are beautiful!

  62. My favorite is a snow woman named Aunty Rosie. It does not look like a snowman at all- more like a blob of mashed potatoes. It has yellow yard for hair, buttons for eye, and glitter everywhere. It looks nothing like what Christmas is supposed to be, but it lights up my girl’s eyes and heart when it has a place somewhere every Christmas. She is 12 now, and it still tickles her pink when she recalls how she made it and why she named it after our Aunty Rosie who has since gone to a better place.

  63. I love any and all holiday decor! But it’s usually kept to a minimum because I too detest clutter and knicknacks. The pumpkins look so soft and cuddly! Thank you!

  64. My parents have a large (3 ft. +!) stuffed bear wearing a Santa hat and carrying an old-fashioned sled with a “Welcome” sign that my boys absolutely love… So it is out in the entryway whenever we visit – spring, summer, fall, and winter!

  65. I love those pumpkins! I have a Little People Nativity set. Love that. 🙂 When I was a girl we also had the angels with the candles. I wish I could find some now.

  66. I have a little nativity scene that I’ve had since before I can remember. It’s only about 3 inches tall and is about as cheesy plastic as you can get, but every year it finds a place in my home.

  67. The star on top of our tree!

  68. My favorite holiday decor was a Christmas ornament that I think a neighbor had brought back for me from their vacation. It was a little wooden/wicker/straw? mouse holding a cake and wearing a traditional outfit from a European country. It was precious and one of the highlights of decorating the Christmas tree.

  69. Ooh, I love those pumpkins! My favorite Christmas decorations would have to be the nativity set we used when I was a child and the ceramic tree my mom painted. The tree has bulbs (much like a lite brite) that light up when you plug the tree in.

  70. My mom went the whole nine yards with decorating for every season, and when I moved out I bemoaned the emptiness of a house un-seasonally decorated. Shortly later I was engaged and my mom’s bridal shower gift to me was an entire trunk filled with an assortment of seasonal decor! My absolute favorite gift from our wedding and shower 🙂 My favorite is probably the pumpkin “Give Thanks” plate and matching fall place mats. So lovely and so Autumn-y!

  71. Too cute!!

  72. Christmas time is always my favorite time of year. I am the oldest of 4 girls & growing up we all made ornaments in elementary school & every year no matter which “theme” my dad picks for the tree all of those ornaments make the cut. It’s just so nice to come home every year for Christmas & sit in front of the tree wrapping presents with my sisters & seeing all of our ornaments on the tree.

  73. Courtney Devries says:

    I don’t have a single “grown-up” Christmas tree ornament… But I have a box of them the kids have made. Old cd’s covered in glitter, painted clothes pins, etc…all a simple gift to me to show how much they love me… I LOVE that my tree is covered with these! I sometimes see others’ trees all beautifully decorated with coordinating accessories and am a wee bit jealous, but someday I will have that and be sad that all the kids are grown…

  74. My favorite season is Fall even though it’s still summer in California in the month of October

  75. I can’t single it out to ONE decoration I loved growing up, but I love my mom’s METHOD. She hates clutter, but LOVES seasonal stuff. So every holiday/season, she busts out boxes FULL of stuff, decorates the whole house, enjoys them for a few weeks, and then puts them away, reclaiming her (mostly) clutter-free house. I do the same, especially with Christmas items. If pressed to choose a favorite, it would be the ornaments I made when I was little, that my mom has now gifted to our little family.

  76. Felt ornaments my mom made when we were little. I wish I still had them!

  77. We had this horrible, falling apart angel that we all fought over to get to put on the tree. I kinda miss it.

  78. My mama has a porcelain music box, a figure of a delicate girl playing the piano. It’s the one thing I see and know it’s truly Christmas time. Love it.

  79. My folks have some lovely glass German ornaments that we got when I was a small child in Frankenmuth, Michigan. They were the ones always packed away carefully. There was a light blue one in the shape of a pear. I loved it.

  80. Ornaments we have collected from our travels across the United States and Europe including antique German ornaments from my husband’s family.

  81. I’m so minimal on seasonal decor. I do have a few things I put out for fall but I feel like I’m such a failure when it comes to the whole “beautiful home” look 🙂 I do love at Christmas when we get out our decorations and the kids Ooh & aah over a few things. The nativity and the basket of Christmas books we put by the fireplace. Warms my heart every time.

  82. My favourite childhood decoration would have to be the foil paper star my Mom topped the tree with every year. It was falling apart and ‘vintage’ back in the 80’s but covered the ceiling with little points of light. Well that and the Smurfs lights on the tree!

    I stink at seasonal decorating, I love it in other people’s homes, but can’t seem to pull it off myself. I do up in the effort for fall though, love those pumpkins!

  83. My husband’s grandmother gave us a beautiful nativity set that I always look forward to getting out. My favorite decorations are usually things we bring in from outside, though!

  84. This time of year is when the transformation occurs at my house. Slowing it goes from everyday to Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Year’s and end with Valentines. My work office is transformed every month throughout the entire year. These pumpkins would fit right in.

  85. My favorite season is Christmas, and my most precious ornament is a ceramic snoopy on top of his house… It’s dated 1979 and I LOVE it even though its seen better days.

  86. I loved our Christmas tree that was “borrowed” from the side of the road then carefully covered with a multi-colored lights, popcorn garland, handmade or gifted ornaments, a wooden star, and lots of tinsel. It was always unique and screamed family tradition and love. I also loved the ceramic pumpkin that always held candy corn and now have my own in my home.
    Love love love the pumpkins and hope I win!!!

  87. My mom still uses the straw(?) star for the top of the tree:) when I was a kid I thought it was the most boring thing ever! I was always trying to get her to buy a new! flashy! sparkly! one lol. Now I love it:)

  88. Each year my grandma gave us an ornament to symbolize something special from that year. I am not a huge decorator, but I have an ornament holder (metal) that I put up each year with each ornament on it. The year she passed away, I bought myself a beautiful angel ornament to remember her. It always goes at the top.

  89. My grandmother made us all stockings for Christmas the year we were born, so my stocking is my most cherished decoration.

  90. My parents didn’t do much seasonal decorating either, but my dad was a mailman and received quite the variety of Christmas ornaments as gifts each year. It was always fun to look through them as we decorated the tree.

  91. We had a North Pole Scene we decorated our table with every year. We loved it as kids.

  92. Terri Crump says:

    Growing up I regularly spent the daytime hours, before school age, at my aunt’s house while my parents worked. At Christmastime she had on her coffee table every year, a little music box. The top surface had tiny evergreen trees and glistening rocks and a surface to appear as snow. In the center was a mirror to look like a frozen pond. When wound, the little Santa on the pond would move around and spin, as if skating, to the tune of Jingle Bells. I loved it. I would play forever with it. It was given to them in the early forties. After I married in the mid-80’s, my aunt gave me this treasured piece, for she knew how much I loved it! I enjoy bringing it out every year and recapturing my childhood as Santa still skates around his little pond!

  93. Terri Crump says:

    My aunt had a little music box, surface covered in little evergreen trees and glistening rocks around a mirror pond, on which a little Santa moved around spinning. It was fascinating to watch as it played Jingle Bells. She received it in the early 40’s and gave it to me after I married in the mid 80’s. It is my most treasured Christmas decoration of all, and always will be!

  94. A trio of pumpkins would be perfect for me, I have 3 boys!!
    My favorite holiday growing up was Christmas. My parents weren’t into decorations or lavish gifts but my mom could cook. My mom always spent the month of December making candies. I still have fond memories of “pulling” taffy.

  95. Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins. I love fall! 🙂

  96. Those pumpkins are beautiful.
    Remember those little Easter chicks that were fluffy and had wire legs? They usually had some type of adornment, like a hat or a tiny flower on their head? We always had them when we were kids and I kept them all in a small Easter tin. Somehow they didn’t get thrown away and now my collection gets put out for Easter. My little girls play with them and carry them around. You never know where they will show up.

  97. jen in al says:

    There are certain ornaments that I am so thankful to have and put on our tree that were on our tree growing up. always loved those little chewy christmas tree candy with the red and white stripes. Do you know which ones I am talking about ?:) love those pumpkins! hope I win, hope i win!!! Thank you! blessings, jen inal

  98. Shannon VanderMeer says:

    When I was little, my mom would set out a candy dish and fill it with m&ms. It was in the shape of a hollow pine tree and my sisters would stuff it to the brim with candy so that you could not open it without spilling about a hundred candy pieces everywhere.

  99. My favorite childhood seasonal decor was my Grandmother’s ceramic Christmas tree with little multicolored lights. I always enjoyed removing the lights and switching them around.

    It looked something like this: http://static.artfire.com/uploads/product/1/161/37161/4837161/4837161/large/giant_ceramic_christmas_tree_24_inches_tall_green_tree_colorful_lights_ca94b2a7.gif. Just in case you were wondering. 🙂

  100. I have several ornaments that we hang on our Christmas tree that were from when I was a child. I makes looking at our tree more memorable.

  101. Sarah Frost says:

    My favorite childhood seasonal decor was a set of 3 wax Christmas carolers. There were 2 boys and a girl and they were actually candles. My mother would set them out every December and I always wondered why she never lit them! I now have them and use them every December and I have yet to ask my 91 year old mother why they were never lit!! Kinda glad she didn’t light them!!

  102. Michele Hoffman says:

    It was a glass candle holder shaped like an angel. i think there were two. i used to make them look at each other. i must have broken them because they disappeared.

  103. We had a little nativity scene that my mom made out of walnuts shells and other crafty bits of this and that. It was the sweetest little thing and my child’s heart just loved the itty-bitty Jesus.

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