Keepin’ It Real

So last week’s post got a little attention, and to the three or so of you who will come back for more, I welcome you to my own little corner of mediocrity. Please lower your expectations accordingly.

It was funny to sit and watch all the clicks bring down my server, run my stats up high. I can usually picture exactly who my readers are, I know most of you by name or email address. But to imagine mamas I didn’t know reading and being encouraged, that was just a special sort of kick.

But there was a special sort of reality attached to it. Because I am, after all, still a mother. In between twitter feed and stat checking, I was making dinner and wiping booties. There was still life to be lived.

There were Thanksgiving parades to watch in bed. (Which lasted all of 20 minutes before the concept of 9 people in a bed became overwhelming for all of us and we moved to the living room.)

IMG_0254We decorated our “tree,” but because I’d just preached to the internets about keeping things simple, I took my own advice. Fifteen minute tree decorating? BOOM. Done.

IMG_0273We cut the kids loose with strands of lights to decorated their own rooms and I spread around just the few Christmas items we decorate with. This included a basket of Jesse tree ornaments we’ll continue to add to our tree and that nativity set from Uganda that the pieces never stay upright. (We’re doing this for Jesse tree this year. Our friend wrote it. We have smart friends. Highly recommend.)

IMG_0275We had our house ready for the season in under an hour. Which was good, because we had a birthday to celebrate. This girl turned five. I can’t even…

IMG_0314We did our best to make her feel celebrated. We did all of our excursions in her Birthday Chariot.


We took her to a movie and made her special pancakes.

IMG_0318But even with all this, there was still plenty to keep us all grounded in reality. A broken thumb, for example.

IMG_0308And jelly doughnut residue on sticky fingers.

IMG_0296 That’s the thing about motherhood, isn’t it? Incredible highs are always accompanied by incredible lows. You can’t have jelly doughnuts without someone smearing jelly all over your recently washed skinny jeans, amiright? And somewhere in the middle of the highs and lows, there’s the balance of joy that comes in just loving your people well and doing what comes next.

And what comes next for me is icing a cake and making it look like Winnie-the-Pooh. Welcome to reality, y’all. 

Have a great Sunday!




  1. Yeah, about five minutes into that whole decorating the tree with sentimental/breakable ornaments, two toddlers, and a newborn we realized we needed a new plan. With that post from last week in mind I downloaded Truth in Tinsel and the ornaments you can color and kicked off our Advent season with no stress this morning. (Well no more stress than a normal Getting Ready for Church Sunday Morning brings)!

    Thanks for keeping it real!

  2. I love this:

    “And somewhere in the middle of the highs and lows, there’s the balance of joy that comes in just loving your people well and doing what comes next.”

    At 38 weeks pregnant, Christmas, and a birthday boy on the 27th –oh yeah and our anniversary is in December too, I have learned to just keep it real. I love December, but embracing simplicity and the reality of life with littles is essential!

  3. I just want to say my friend Martha sent me the link to your blog the other day and simply said “just read it”. I have to say that I was up until 3:00 A.M. and I mean that in the most non stalker way 😉 reading your blog post. I love your outlook on life and the true love that pours out through your words about your sweet family. Thank you for being a real, honest mom and giving such encouragement.

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