Just Another Date Night

*We’ve been trying a new way of writing around here that includes doing Friday Freewriting. After we write, I make tea and the kids enjoy  a moment of British propriety while we read our freewrites to one another. I will usually freewrite my own ramblings to share. I’ll tell you more about this next week, but I thought I’d share my freewrite here (only slightly edited) since it made the kids giggle, and they are my favorite audience. It makes me twitchy to just hit publish all willy-nilly, but here goes…

Our kids love it when we go on date night. They love their babysitter, the intrepid Miss K, they love that they pretty much get free rein to play Wii or watch TV for the evening, and they love pizza for dinner. So I’m pretty sure I’m right when I claim that they don’t actually get together and decide to make it hard for us to leave the house. I mean, they count down the hours until Miss K arrives every week. They barely look up when we leave. They really WANT us to go out.

Yet it seems disaster is always on the horizon when date night arrives.

Yesterday, I was getting ready for date night and the children were doing their best to ensure I couldn’t. The big kids were playing upstairs. Only they kept reappearing downstairs to give me reports. “Ellen was wrestling with the boys!!”

I broke up that disagreement, which I think was only necessary because Ellen was WINNING.

Then Ian turned up with a bloody nose. Not related to the wrestling. Or at least, not that he remembers.

Meanwhile, Mira and Finn were playing in my room while I got dressed. I got distracted trying to decide which shoes to wear. A few minutes later, I walked into my bathroom and was greeted by a sploosh-sploosh sound. BOTH Mira and Finn were playing in the potty.

I admit, I screeched. I yanked them both up, yammering and stammering, and hauled them to the kitchen sink where I could better clean their hands.

After the wailing and gnashing of teeth ended, I returned to my bathroom to finish my ablutions. Andrew got off the phone and then couldn’t find his wallet.

Ten minutes later, we finally raced out the door, shouting our love and good-byes but eyes facing front, not looking back.

We grabbed a quick bite and then went to the ever-so-romantic Costco. We filled two carts with bulky items before remembering we had the smaller car. Nothing but grit and determination fit that last bag of frozen veggies in the backseat.


Of course, it doesn’t matter that we were doing the trivial and mundane. We were together. Therefore we laughed. And it was good.






  1. You are a car-packing Yoda! 😉

  2. LoraLynn says:

    JJ – Actually, I used the term “we” rather loosely. Andrew did most of it. I just filled in the nooks and crannies with bread.

  3. Totally off topic…
    How well does your rear air work in your van. I am wondering if something is wrong with ours or it’s just a quirk we have to
    live with. It is really loud if I turn it up all the way but it still barely
    blows any air out. I can’t imagine it doing a decent job this summer when
    it’s hot. If I ask them to look at it and it’s nothing I have to pay so
    wanted a few opinions before I brought it to them.


  4. Ha! I can see why they loved this. I did too. Costco date — I think I may have to propose one to Al this weekend. xxxx

  5. LoraLynn says:

    lisaK – Ours works great. The kids regularly complain that it works TOO well. I’d take it in to get looked at!

  6. True! There are MANY times on date night where we end up running errands or doing seemingly mundane things. But we are together without kids, so who cares?

  7. Jennifer says:

    I’m so glad we aren’t the only ones that go grocery shopping on date night!

  8. Love it! Date nights are so important, no matter what you’re doing. 🙂

  9. Thanks for the idea…we are starting up free write Fridays at our house. Fingers crossed! 🙂


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