I’ve Got To Either Laugh or Cry

You know how on this blog I talk about the frustrating things in life, but I try to make it funny so we can all have a good laugh (usually at my expense) rather than cry?  Yea, that.  It’s called a coping mechanism.  And you people are basically IT for me.  Join me in a list of today’s tomfoolery?

1.  We’re in the process of buying a new van.  My job today was to wire some money from point A to point B.

Remember how I was stupid and we got a lot of money stolen from us in Uganda?  Perhaps Andrew should have given my assignment some more thought. Somewhere in somebody’s bank account is $5000 I wired to the wrong place today.

It’s never a good thing when you have to say to your husband, “Hey, well at least this time we have a better chance of recovering the money I lost!”

I’m 0 for 2 this year, folks.

The good news is, it should all be fixed in the morning.  Otherwise, I will need a good solid cry and a new job.  Because I am decidedly unfit.


2. Gran and Pops watched the kids for us this past weekend.  The boys asked if they could paint with watercolors.  And because Gran is more fun than I am, she said yes.  I guess we need to clean the boys’ ears out because when Gran said “yes” they heard “and oh, feel free to get the glitter out and spread it all over the porch, too.”

Do you know what happens when you have glitter on your porch?  It comes in the house.  And it gets in Mira’s hair.  And the laundry.  And the cracks on the floor.

Andrew said he wants to set up a little box that squirts glitter onto Gran and Pops’ floor every day for the next ten years.  Because that’s how long it will take us to get rid of the glitter.

It wasn’t really the fault of Gran and Pops, of course.  It was our wayward children…who should fully expect to find mysterious piles of glitter in their own houses when they give me grandbabies.

3.  This one doesn’t make me want to cry, but it does make me laugh.  We were discussing something that happened when the three boys were babies.  Ellen demanded, “Where was I?”

“You weren’t there.”

“Was I in your tummy?”

“Nope.  You just weren’t there,” I answered vaguely.

Well, I’m sure you were missing me.”

I love that this kid becomes indignant at the idea that we had lives or any fun at all before she came onto the scene.  She’s destined for greatness.  Or tyranny…

4.  Doesn’t make me cry at all… Some sweet friends have loaned us an 8 passenger van until we get our new one in.  For the first time last Sunday, we were all together in one car.  It was a tight fit with six carseats, but it was wonderful to be snugly together.

And the sight of all those little people made me laugh out loud at our crazy beautiful lives.

Because what doesn’t make you cry, should only make you giggle.




  1. You know that’s why they say that glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. It spreads very easily and once you have it, it never goes away.

    Gotta love it. 🙂

  2. How do your kids get in the back seat?

  3. Glitter is my nemesis. I literally had a come-a-part one day over glitter. This Mommy doesn’t do glitter any more. Never. If a project comes home from school with glitter, I Ohh and Ahh over it and then toss it directly in the trash when the presenting child isn’t looking. I know, mean Momma. Now, I realize that glitter is super fun for little peeps so I compromised…. Glitter Pens! It’s most of the fun with only a 1/4 of the mess. 🙂

  4. LoraLynn says:

    Ashley – The boys have to climb over the middle car seat before the girls in. And I’m not gonna deny, somebody got their head stepped on the other day. It’s treacherous.

  5. Now you see why I didn’t bring a hot pink Sharpie with glitter last year? Huh? I am your friend. But I really want to be Ellen’s friend. Is she ready to start blogging yet? Hi-larious! That girl is already great in my book.

  6. That is a ton of carseats. I was just curious if they went through the trunk or not. I think I’d avoid leaving to go anywhere with that many carseats to check and double check. It’s amazing that you do that! I hope the money finds it’s way back to you very soon hugs.

  7. Glitter is tough. I’m proud of you for fighting your way through the tears to the laughter though! I love the idea of getting them back later…that makes me giggle. I keep my glitter far far out of my girl’s reach unless she’s supervised. She luckily hasn’t learned how to get to it by herself yet. My tearful moment today was when I realized she had removed the ‘child proof’ outlet cover and stuck screws in the outlet. Luckily I was able to get her away from the outlet, cut power to the house and remove the offensive objects without any harm. See? Glitter isn’t so bad 🙂 I’m always impressed with how you manage to make it through each day, even the good ones. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  8. Somewhere someone else is thinking they had the best day ever. “Bank Error in Your Favor” And then they will be all disappointed tomorrow.

    Glitter is a special occasion item around here. Only at Christmas and Valentines. And only inside an empty box that can be thrown away at the completion of the craft. It is usually all out of the house by Easter. 🙂

    And, I love all the car seats! Stack them up, lock them in and take them somewhere. Adventure every time!

    Maybe tomorrow won’t be quite as exciting.

  9. Love it! Keep laughing… it is a ton better than crying in every way.

  10. Cristy in AL says:

    Laughing out loud about the glitter revenge! You guys crack me up. 🙂 hugs and prayers as you recover the 5 grand….whew!

  11. I love reading your blog! So fun to see how you do it with a large family.

  12. I naively tried those colored bubbles today. Gulp. It was also a “I have to embrace this and laugh, or else I will cry” type moment. I wouldn’t recommend them, except maybe in swimsuit with the sprinkler on.

  13. Ellen is my hero.

  14. Wow…you and the money. Obviously He trusted you with it….ha. Are you buying the van sight unseen?

  15. LoraLynn says:

    Tiff – Seriously, I want to change the blog’s tagline to “Glitter is the Herpes of Craft Supplies.” Made hubs and I both laugh out loud.

  16. Ha! Ya know, I tend to only read your blog (and most blogs) when I’m totally stressed and at the end of my rope. We just had a DOOZEY of a morning (which I just blogged about) and I’m now sitting ALONE, regrouping from it all and I happen to read about your day too. It’s nice to laugh at each other’s comedy of errors every so often. And, yesterday my kids didn’t find glitter, but acrylic paint. The 19 month old made a nice abstract painting on the family room carpet. And today I get to jump through hoops to see if I can hold a lawyer accountable for his $18,000 mistake that I alone got to pay for. Keep smiling and laugh at our problems at least until we can laugh at our own. 🙂

  17. “Well, I’m sure you were missing me!”


    (I think I just woke my daughter up from her nap. Ooops.)

  18. If it makes you feel better, we had a hair disaster with our little girl too. Our daughters are biracial and one of them has a head of thick, tight little curls that are LONG and dense. Last month we went to Florida with their Grandma and she took the girls down to the beach. Little one with lots of hair asked Grandma if she could dump sand over her head and Grandma didn’t say no.

    She left a trail of sand everywhere for weeks. We could see it in her scalp and in her hair but we simply could not figure out any way to get it out.

    We’ve been home since early April and there is still sand in her bed, in my purse, and in the bathtub after showers. I wanted to remember vacation but this is the vacation that won’t ever go away!


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