Imma Tell You A Story

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Once upon a time, a girl with equator in her blood found herself in a family that looked and spoke differently than her. She was tiny, so she mourned her lost country without words. She quickly grasped the new language and peered at her world with the absolute understanding that comes from An Old Soul Who Knows Things.

She grew into toddlerhood and her tongue loosened. Never content to speak her words unless she could say them perfectly, she would often prefer to nod or shake her head than utter one syllable out of place. But then, her urge to sing would overtake her and she’d spin in circles in the living room, singing at the top of her lungs.

Not many people saw this side of her,  but her parents delighted in every note and treasured her song. They knew the loss that song had  overcome to be heard.

Full sentences began to pour from the girl. Each tiny sound spoken was clearly shaped.

But sometimes the words didn’t come. Sometimes she clamped her lips tight and refused to speak over a murmur. Her smile disappeared and she resorted to nods. Her parents were sad and encouraged the use of “big girl voice for those big girl words.”

And slowly…. in her own time…. her voice grew stronger.

Only sometimes she was still too shy to use it.

But her songs came more often, her joyful abandon overtook her with more frequency.

And then, one day when her confidence was soaring high after a successful morning in big girl underwear, she looked up at her Mommy and said,

Imma tell you a story. Once uponna ti-yem, I got in my bed by myseff and Willa say, ‘How you do that, Mee-wah?’

And maybe that set of sentences strung together doesn’t mean anything to you. But to her mommy, who knows the value of a good story, they are more precious than gold. They are the words of a little girl who has flung her heart wide open to her people and has a decided she’s ready to start telling her stories to the world.

And we are oh so ready to listen…

The End Beginning.





  1. Sighs and happy smiles. “How you do that? Mee-wah?” Love it.

  2. I love this. She is precious!

  3. Beautiful

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! And with a mama like hers, I think the stories she tells will just keep getting better and better!


  5. My word how I LOVED reading this. You inspire me, she inspires me!

  6. Love. 🙂 Beautiful girl, she is getting so big!

  7. Storytelling will be a family tradition she carries on 🙂 so very sweet

  8. Ah! My heart just filled up with happiness for her and you.

  9. kelly fitzpatrick says:

    love this! HOME is where your story begins. so happy to read of the healing going on in that beautiful heart.

  10. Love this! Our youngest daughter, adopted from China 15 months ago, was such a joyful child, but sometimes would also have moments or even hours of meloncholy or would become introverted. I assumed she was grieving over her past, or possibly a caregiver. These moments are few and so far between now, but it’s so rewarding to see her embrace her life and her family without reservation. Blessings to Mira and your family on a successful “merge”!

  11. So beautiful. So, so beautiful. I love it!


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