If I Were A Candidate, My Platform Would Be Chocolate

House buying is a draining process and this particular time around it has been more so. Today, we hit Snafu #857. It will get sorted out, but in the mean time, I’m gripping my prayer crickets by the throat and refusing to pack any boxes.

I’m very mature.

Instead, I think it’s the perfect night to curl up with Season Six of the West Wing, because Aaron Sorkin’s characters make for much more fun elections.

The kids are pretty excited about voting tomorrow. They’ve gotten a big kick out of playing with the electoral map here and if you’re looking to do a quick lesson about the election, the videos and games here are worthwhile. (The electoral college video was especially helpful.)

I’ve discovered that Adam is a news junkie. Ever since Super Storm Sandy, when I was abnormally glued to the news channels, he’s asked me to “check on the hurricane.” He’s the one most obsessed with the election results and asks me every day for an update on the electoral map. The poly-sci minor in me is just beaming with pride.

But the Mommy in me wants to wrestle the remote away and make him promise never to watch a full newscast. Can’t I keep him in a bubble forever?

Like I said, I’m very mature.

Y’all go vote tomorrow, people. It matters.




  1. So you want me to choose between your platform of chocolate and Willa’s of cuteness? There has never been a harder decision.

  2. I’m with Thia, although you know me. When I have a choice, I pretty much always pick chocolate. (giggle)

  3. Every morning, my hair looks just like Willa’s. Could I run for president, too? ; )

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