How to Handle The Clothing Situation

*******EDITED 3/27/13: While I still would love to take advantage of the convenience this company offers, I’ve had several friends report issues with ThredUp and I recently had one of my own. I’ve concluded that while ThredUp prides itself on providing good quality clothes, their intake standards are nearly impossible to meet at this time. I sent an entire bag of clothes recently and they only accepted two items. The company later admitted even they couldn’t see many of the “faults” the processor found but their overall compensation for my loss of literally hundreds of dollars in clothing was very small. To this end, I have pulled their affiliate ads from my site and will no longer be recommending this company to others.

I don’t know about y’all, but the Clothing Situation over here is always pretty nuclear. I sort and I purge and I wash and I have the kids put away, but at any given hour, you are guaranteed to find a pair of kid underwear on the steps.

It’s one of life’s little mysteries that I’ve given up trying to solve. I simply make it my goal to hide said underwear before anyone comes in the front door. Or not. I’ve kind of gotten used to it. Maybe I’ll try to pin a few pictures of it on Pinterest and start the next big wave in DIY decorating…

But I digress. Sort of like the underwear…

I like shopping at consignment sales for the kids because I can clothe the gang with good clothes cheaply. I do NOT enjoy selling at consignment sales. In fact, Andrew says he will pay me NOT to sell at consignment sales. All that pricing and pinning and hunting for hangers…

Life is too short.

Donating the clothes was easy, but not exactly lucrative.

So I was thrilled to discover a company like ThredUp. They let me enjoy the value of consignment without all the hassle. It’s so easy.

They send me a bag with the postage already paid. At most, this bag costs me five bucks. If I catch a special, I can get the bag for free. I stuff it with any clothes I think would be worth consigning. When it’s full, I seal it up and set it by my  mailbox. It disappears from my house and I don’t lose any blood pinning tiny safety pins to every pair of pants.

A week later, I get an email telling me how much they decided to pay me for each article of clothing. And I think they are very fair. If they don’t pay me on a certain piece, they tell me why. Then the money lands in my paypal account to spend on anything I want. No “credits” or anything like that. Just cold, hard internet cash.


This system works really well for us. I keep a bag ready at all times and as things get out grown or need to exit the house, they get tossed in the bag.

I do earn some  store credit when one of my friends signs up and uses my name. So when Mira needed new dresses, I went shopping on the site. I was very satisfied with the quality of the pictures of each dress. I knew exactly what I was ordering. I knew ThredUp’s standards were high, so I was certain I’d be pleased with what I selected. And then they arrived on my doorstep and Mira practiced spinning in each one.

It’s possible I may never attend another consignment sale again.

A helpful hint: shop for your next season clothes on the off-season. Like, buy summer clothes in November and vice versa. ThredUp tries to stay with the seasons, but I’m learning the really good summer stuff will be long gone by the time we’re actually ready for short sleeves.

Which is why I’m telling you this now. ThredUp is offering free shipping this entire month so you can stock up before the first consignment sale mails their flyers for spring. Use the code: SHIPJAN13 at checkout.

And then try consigning some stuff of your own. You’ll love how easy it is and how much calmer you feel about the whole “Clothing Situation.”

Although I can’t guarantee there will be any less underwear on your steps…

*I didn’t get paid for this post. Affiliate links are included, but I’m a fan of the company and I would have told you about them whether I got anything out of the deal or not. Just FYI.



  1. Baller! Imma check this out!


  3. Do you not save clothes to hand down to your younger kids? #InquiringMinds

  4. HMMMMMMM… I think yes.

  5. Kelly – Ok, here’s what I’ve devised as a “system:”
    1- I keep half of the twins’ clothes for Adam for the next year’s season. He’s only one size below them. I do not keep Adam’s clothes for Finn. Too many years between. That means there’s just one box waiting for Adam at any given time.
    2 – I still have a few boxes of baby boy clothes. I sorted them all by season and size and got rid of anything Finn won’t need. So he has two boxes of clothes to grow into and then I’ll be buying for him again. I gave away a bunch of boy stuff the week before I found out I was pregnant. *shrugs*
    3 – Girl stuff does get passed down, but not all of it. At the end of the season, I sort out the following year’s clothes for Willa and Mira. Usually, there’s a few items extra because I only store four play outfits and church dresses but we get lots of clothes as gifts or people hand me down stuff and by the end of the season, I end up with way more clothes than I need. I just can’t store clothes ad infinitum and I’d rather sell what’s still in style and re-purchase cheaply down the road if I discover I need it.

    ThredUp gave me to do this with a bunch of stuff that I felt guilty for not wanting to store but not wanting to just throw it out. Currently, there are only four boxes of clothes being stored in my house. *angels singing*
    4 – Finn’s clothes are going out the door, PFFFFT, as fast as he outgrows them. Ahem.

  6. I love this website too!!

  7. Fascinating! I’ve saved EVERYTHING my older kids wore to pass down to the young’uns. Like, I’m finding socks in the boxes. It’s a bit overkill. I should be using ThredUp.

  8. Michelle P. from WA says:

    Thank you! I completely understand about those sales. My hubby says the same thing. Lol! Thanks so much for this info. Love these tiny jewels of wisdom!

  9. Inquiring minds want to know what #4 means too (to Kelly’s reply)? Does that mean no more babies in the Vitafam? Or am I just overanalyzing?

  10. Lindsey – We feel, in our limited human understanding, that we are done growing the Vitafam. We do, however, have a very healthy understanding of God’s sovereignty in the whole situation. 😉

  11. I always hit the consignment sale on the last day, when much of it is 50% off, so I winced at some of ThredUps prices. BUT, I wound up with a credit and a 3 year old in dire need of leggings, and I was totally happy with them.

    I have a bag that I could fill and send to them…I just don’t have much that makes it through my kids and is still consignment worthy. Maybe my kids are hard on clothes (or maybe it’s that I do laundry at 10pm and just toss it in the washer without examining for stains…oops), or maybe it’s just that they’re already second hand when we get them. We do get hand me downs that are very nice but not our style, though, so that might be worth sending in…

    Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that I’m not the only one with kid underwear in odd locations…why?! I am always relieved when it’s clean, not a dripping pair discarded in the bathroom (hopefully in the bathroom, anyway)…

  12. I’m interested. I’ve got boxes of clothes waiting around for me to get up the courage to consign, but I never do. I’m investigating promptly.

  13. Totally random but a friend of mine designed Thred Up’s logo which is the first place I heard about it. Now that I know more, it sounds like a brilliant solution for moms!!

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