How My Days Usually Go – The Truth

You, lucky readers you, you already know the happy ending to my school room woes, but the night before Andrew and I made our Ikea run, I hit submit on my draft for Simple Homeschool.

In which I bemoaned the state of the school room…

But I also shared what “a day in the life” is like with our gang. So if you’ve ever wondered how we get any school done at all, this is the link to click.

And speaking of links…


Well, poop. I had a whole mental list of links to share with you and now they’re just *POOF* gone. I can’t remember a thing.


So, I guess you already know the truth about how my days go. They end with me staring blankly at a computer screen trying to remember who I am.


Speaking of links… there’s really great ones out there on the internet so, um… you know, click around… and stuff…

*slinking off now to sleep and find my brain*



  1. you crack me up 🙂 off to read your day in the life…

  2. Bwahaha! That’ s so me lately. I know I had a brilliant idea to blog about … but can I think of it after a successful (read “full!”) school day, 2 dentist appointments, a meeting with the pastor, and Cub Scouts? Um, right? What was I saying?!? Oh yeah … what a blessedly honest post!

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