Home for Christmas 2013

I swore I wasn’t gonna do it this year. I even deleted the Home for Christmas button off the blog entirely. But then I read this article about the ethics of international adoption, which has gotten such an unfair bad rap this year, and I heard Mira giggling in her daddy’s lap, and….

Well. Here it is. Home for Christmas the 2013 version. (For previous lists, click this.)

300h4c The short explanation? We’re not all called to adopt. Or maybe we’re not all called to adopt Right This Very Minute.

But somebody out there is.

You’re shopping this time of year, right? There are a million gajillion families out there selling absolutely adorable goods to raise money for their adoption. So if you can check stuff of your shopping list AND contribute to bringing a child home?

Win for everybody.

But mostly for the children.

Here’s what I did. I opened up etsy and I searched for “adoption fundraiser.” The options are limitless. I’m going to feature just a few of my faves to show you the possibilities, but I want you all to promise me you’ll head right on over to Etsy and do your own search.

It’s too easy.

Here’s what’s making my heart go pitter-patter this year:


 Advent cards. Verses on the front, activities on the back. Comes with a printable file that you can leave behind for the person you’re blessing on some of the activities. This looks so fun!!!

etsy2I’m a sucker for stuff printed on dictionary pages and framed because, well, WORDS. These are customizable prints and I heart them. (pun intended.)

etsy3There were a million scarves out there to pick from. Scarves are in right now. They’re a cute, easy stocking stuffer. And these scarves have magical powers because they give orphaned children a home. ($12 only. A steal. Slip ’em an extra $20 if you buy this, ok? Just because.)

etsy4I need this little pocket wallet. I’m forever sticking my credit card in my back pocket and then am terrified it will fall out. That’s a lot of stress in my life I don’t need. I’m certain this little packet of cuteness is my answer.

etsy5I just gave Willa the cutest pixie haircut. I’m thinking this beanie would complete the package.

etsy6These cuffs are seriously the coolest. Like, almost TOO cool to be on this here little blog. Ukranian coins turned metal cuff? YES, PLEASE. This site has tons of jewelry made out of Ukranian coins. Love it.

etsy7One last piece of jewelry, because this one made me happy. There are tons of verse/saying options for these necklaces, but this was by far my favorite. 

Alright, people. This is just a tiny taste. It’s time to get out there and shop responsibly. Spend your money so that it counts TWICE, once for the gift you’re giving and twice to help bring a child home.

I understand, Amazon is way easier. But Amazon won’t change the life of a child like these tiny little shops will.

Ask me how I know.


Spread the word with me, please? Tweet, facebook, and shout this out from the social media rooftops, mkay? And if you’ve got a link to your own adoption fundraiser you want to share in the comments, feel free to leave it with a quick explanation of what you’re selling so folks can easily skim and find what they want, ok?




  1. Reason #48, 682 I love you: you do all the ‘hard’ stuff and make my shopping easier.

  2. Adoption T-Shirts for our little guy in Shanghai*!


  3. SOOO glad you posted this again this year! We are currently in the process of adopting from Ethiopia and you can find out homemade items (all kinds of vintage-styled and homemade goodies!) here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/matthew18five

  4. Thanks for including our front pocket wallet on your gallery of gifts! What a blessing!

  5. Could you pretty please put a pic of Willa’s pixie cut on your blog. Too long of a back story to type out, but after getting my 5-year old a pixie haircut this summer it seems that “no one” (young girls) get pixie cuts anymore. Would love to show her someone else. Thanks.

  6. These gifts are fantastic!! I will certainly be looking into them more. For anyone who DOES order anything from Amazon (for Christmas, or ANY time), go to livingzoe.com and click on Amazon (or any of the other links) from there and a portion of your purchase goes to support orphans and widows around the world. It’s that easy!

  7. Wow! I just want to say thank you so much! I am the owner of the Made with Love by Leslie store on Etsy. Thank you for sharing my scarves on your blog, I cannot believe the amount of orders I have received in the past 24 hours! This is an amazing blessing and my husband and I truly appreciate the help you have provided us with simply by sharing. Thanks to those of you as well who have come along and placed an order with us! I truly hope you love your items and thank you for supporting such a great cause for any store hoping to raise money to help with their adoption.

    – Leslie


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