Full Circle Moments, New Beginnings, And A Pee Story For Good Measure

Many moons ago, my dad’s brother Jon got married. And I was the flower girl.


My daddy and me (Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!)

Last weekend, Jon’s daughter got married. And my daughter was her flower girl.

IMG_8340That’s what you call a “full circle moment” right there. Also, I am relieved to see that my kid has better hair than I did at that age. I think every generation should do what it can to right the hair wrongs of the past decades.

My sweet cousin Audrey Ann was every bit the glowy bride. Her daddy was happy, but found it a bit difficult to get her down the aisle without a tear or two. I think that’s just the sweetest Daddy face, full of pride and aware of the significance of his Big Moment.

IMG_8362When I got married, my daddy and I came to an unspoken agreement that we were better off not looking at one another or speaking before the “aisle moment” and I do believe it saved us both from quite the dramatic scene.

And I’m not gonna lie, seeing my own little pixie tripping down the aisle full of life and hope? That got the cry-fest started in my pew. I’m not gonna tell you if it was Andrew or me, but you can guess…


The ceremony was especially beautiful since I knew and loved the one Heart promising itself to another so well. I was relieved to see my Grammy mopping her face at the same times I did, so I wasn’t alone in deeming it happy-cry-worthy.


We cry at the Beautiful Things.

Speaking of tears, we managed to avoid them with Finn by keeping his mouth full of animal crackers the entire service. A full mouth is a muffled mouth – a good rule of thumb to employ with Littles in church.

IMG_8358The reception was all things charming but I haven’t got many pictures of it, I was too busy soaking in all the goodness. When I wasn’t soaking up Willa’s pee…

Oh, I don’t wanna ruin all the sweetness with that story.

But you know I can’t help myself.

So here goes:

Whenever I would take a smelly child to the van to change them, Willa would inevitably follow and announce she had to go to the bathroom. The reception was in a barn and the van was parked next to a field of corn, as all things in Indiana inevitably are. The bathrooms were nowhere close and I was still in tow of a child who needed a fresh diaper. So I handed Andrew the diapered baby and took Willa to the front of the van that faced the field, leaned her against the front fender, and had her squat like she was sitting while I held her underwear out of the way. Worked great.

Until… She got a bit ahead of me the second time we tried it and let fly before I had her into position. She imparted the full blessing of her bladder all over my hand and arm, only I was trying to salvage her underwear and couldn’t get out of the way. I began squealing which made her start to cry so we had us a good 30 second wail in the corn field before she finished and I could get my hand out of the stream.

Then she cried because she had no underwear (In the end, I wasn’t good enough to save the underwear and my sanity, one of them had to go) so we put her in a diaper and sent her back to the dance floor. (And I borrowed Sani-wipes from the caterer.)

The dance floor is where we all wanted to be because, well… Dancing. Duh.

IMG_8333 Mira got her boogie on and I sincerely hope someone got a good picture of it. The little girls had lots of cousins and aunts to dance with, but I found it especially adorable that Ellen found a moment for a dance with her daddy.

IMG_8338And some sweet caterer held Finn for me so Andrew and I could get in on the couples’ dance.

IMG_8326To lots of cheers and not a few tears, we sent the bride and groom off to adventures across the globe. And then we all went home tired but happy.

IMG_8361Happy Beginnings, Audrey Ann and Eric. Thank you for sharing your day with us!











  1. Can’t go past a good pee story! My threshold for humour is very low. This, as they say, is right in my wheelhouse! 😉
    And, all chuckling aside, what a beautiful post; full circle moments are the best. x

  2. I think I started snorting around the time she “imparted the full blessings of her bladder.” You are an AMAZING story-telling, Lora Lynn. And this is a good one – full of beauty and truth.

  3. Fun times! I’m fully on board with righting the hair wrongs of past generations. I have a lot of childhood hair trauma to help atone for.

  4. Not sure what my daughter would have had a bigger issue with – no underwear at all, or being put in a diaper!

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