First and Last

A year ago today, he stood beside me while I worked through the night and into the morning of his birthday.


He won’t reminisce with me about it, because he says he doesn’t like to relive the feeling of helplessness or my pain. But he wasn’t helpless. He never left my side.


He cheered and comforted, jumped up and down in excitement while I finished the job.


And then at last, I had his birthday present in my arms.


He said Finn was the best birthday present ever.


And one look at that face told me his daddy was right: I’d never top this birthday.


Today is the day to celebrate the birth of the First Boy I Loved and the birth of my Last Love. A year ago, I didn’t think I could love them more.


But now I know I can.


¬†Happy Birthday, men o’mine.


p.s. To relive Finn’s birth story with me since Andrew won’t, go here.

p.p.s. Thanks again, Allison, for the pictures. They still make me cry.



  1. LL! I love these photos so much. What a cool thing for them to share days!

  2. this is incredibly sweet. happy birthday, Andrew & Finn!

  3. I can’t believe Finn is 1! Amazing. Happy birthday, Finn and Andrew!

  4. Cue lots and lots of hormonal tears about last babies!

  5. My heart could BURST, it’s so full. Happy birthday to your boys!

  6. I flippin LOVE this post! Happy Birthday to two of your favorite people!

  7. Happy birthday, alpha and omega. (That’s not blasphemous, is it?)

  8. Happy happy (belated) birthday to two wonderful guys! Beautiful pics!

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