Elves Or Imp? You Decide


Our Baby

We have a thief in the house. Or maybe elves. Possibly both.

Tuesday afternoon, I finished my workout and collapsed on my bed for 30 minutes of “Friends” (I can’t quit them) before nap time ended. When I was done, I clicked the remote off and left it on my bed.

That night when I returned to my Happy Place, the remote was gone.

We searched high and low, tore the covers apart, went through the closets, the drawers, the pantry… Because we all know it’s entirely possibly I walked out of my room, remote in hand, lost my mind, and put the dang thing in the freezer.

Alas, I did not.

For three days, we looked for the remote every chance we got. My house was thoroughly cleaned the day after it went missing and yet the little black box never appeared. I made myself crazy scrounging through toy boxes and couch cushions, begging the kids to tell me where they hid it. They all claimed they didn’t touch it.

I kvetched and moaned about the loss of my little security blanket until I could get to Wal-mart and replace it. In the end, I had to actually order it online and am still waiting for Precious to return to me. In the meantime, I’m going all Laura Ingalls Wilder and getting Up Out Of The Bed to adjust the volume.

So this morning, the remote to the living room TV went missing. I searched for a bit before I realized my left eye was twitching and I needed to Walk Away from the Crazy. Tonight, before the kids had their evening TV, I insisted they find the remote, certain they’d locate it.


We looked upstairs, downstairs, dug through the library books, checked out the dust bunnies under the piano…

It’s gone.

What’s weird is that in both cases, it was the little black TV remote, not the one to the cable box. And they’ve both just POOF disappeared.

Our best guess? Finn is putting them into the trash without us noticing. We do occasionally pull a favorite toy or book of his out of the trash can, but I’ve never seen him holding the remotes so it’s bizarre to think he took the remotes AND tossed them into his “toy box.” Of course, we never realize they’re well and truly missing until the trash has long since been taken out to the big cans.

I’ve figured out that a baby of the family isn’t spoiled so much as he knows how to work the system. He recognizes that we are utterly distracted and therefore too addled to notice that he’s absconded with the trash can and its contents into the master closet. Or that he’s tucked his favorite ball into the fireplace for safe keeping. He can hide his trucks in the pantry because I’ll be too busy hunting the remote control under the couch.


He knows how to work the system. He has Adam trained to do his bidding. Please See Also: his first word was “‘ook.” I may very well die of the cute. Or the eye twitch. Or both.

It’s a delightful little game of hide and seek to him. He hides All The Things. We seek. He finds something mischievous to do while we’re seeking.

Or there’s always my theory about the elves. In our house? That’s entirely possible, too…



  1. that is THE WORST!! And we dont have little kids. just us two “semi mature” adults… and it can disappear for DAYS only to turn up right in the middle of the floor or in the couch I’ve checked 10 times. Hubby said if Brownies start cleaning our house I can’t comment or they’ll go away, but if the remote (and sock and underwear) stealing elves wanna go away I’m okay with that.

  2. We say it was the Borrowers who took our missing things. Unfortunately, our little toddler took off with our Roku remote and it has never been heard from again. Yes, yes. The babies of the family truly know how to work the system.

  3. bringingupboys says:

    I totally know what you need…found it on Pinterest a while back and am considering getting it for our home as well! It’s a tracking sticker, whoever invented it obviously had similar issues regarding the misplacement of things! 😉 http://bit.ly/s3A5Aj

  4. I hate when something is missing and I search & search. I feel like I am losing my mind! But I have been known to “blame the toddler” & say “well maybe he threw it away!” It keeps me sane 😉

  5. We had this issue forever with our appleTV remotes. With one in our bedroom and one in the living room, sometimes we got by with trading it out. And MANY times I stood with hand on hip and declared that no one was watching tv if they didn’t find the remote. Then Titus was caught swirling TP in the potty with one. And the other mysteriously appeared on the fireplace mantle, soaking wet. “Not Me” did that one. Either way they were both ruined, so now we have an app on our phones for remotes. And the actual TV remote? Maybe they are wherever yours are. Miss you, friend!

  6. They need to start selling clear garbage bags again! We found our missing remotes in the very back of the recliner. We pulled up the material in the back, which in our case was closed with Velcro, and there they were, along with a lot of other items too. I don’t know how many months our remote was missing before my husband thought to look there. We had looked between the cushions, just not in the very back.

  7. We haven’t lost our remote yet. But we do have a pack rat. They are the ones who take something and leave something in it’s place. We often find something that doesn’t belong and know that whatever was there is now somewhere else.

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