Eating Humble Cake And The Awesome Things About Being Five

I admit. I almost didn’t show you this cake. My heart wasn’t in cake-making after a busy holiday. But pride goeth before a fallen cake AND/OR Willa might notice some day that I never wrote about her fifth birthday cake so here goes:


The thing is, this isn’t my first attempt at a Winnie-the-Pooh cake. My first time, I was bedridden, highly medicated, and very pregnant. This time I had access to fondant and I wasn’t drugged, gestating, or actually IN bed, so we’re going to pretend this is an improvement.

My one tiny victory? The bee wings are almond slivers. *ding* Another creativity fairy got her wings!

The only other lesson learned here? If you make a white chocolate icing and it turns out kinda funny –  Tell everyone it’s supposed to be salted caramel. It’ll be a big hit.

Despite my lack of cake exertion, there are one or two things about Willa turning five that are pretty magical.

She doesn’t have to nap any more. Suddenly her relationship with her big sister is blooming, now that they only have each other to play with in the afternoons. (The big boys do more school during nap time and poor Ellen has moped around for the last year, waiting for someone to be her sidekick.)

Here’s Ellen painting Willa’s fingernails for the first time (since now that she’s five, she supposedly doesn’t suck her fingers any more.)



Another magical Five moment? I told y’all about decorating our van so folks would honk for Willa’s birthday. Today, the kids and I took that van on a six hour round trip journey and I didn’t have time to wash the windows before we left. That could have been a very stressful drive! (I mean all the honking, not the usual off-the-wallery that comes when I take our gang on the road by myself.)

A few kind souls honked, but the best was while the van was parked and I was inside taking Mira to the bathroom three times and changing Finn’s poopy diaper and handing out Chik-fil-A for lunch and I may have sweated a drop of blood or something, someone left this on the door for Willa.

IMG_0341It included a five dollar bill, just for her.

She held onto it the entire three hour drive home and all during her dinner.

Sometimes, people can be awesome.

So thanks for making my baby feel special, Awesome People.

And finally? Five years only makes Willa cuter. Proof: While I hunted for Christmas music on the radio, she made a request from the backseat, “Can we listen to that A’Rock Obama drummer song?”

Record Scratch.


It took some thinking, but I finally pieced it together. She was referring to an a capella version of Little Drummer Boy.

Which I’m sure Barack Obama would love, too…





  1. Note to self. If I ever see a van with a “Honk for someone’s birthday” sign on it I am totally leaving a present for them! What a great blessing for her!

  2. You think that cake is bad?! Oh, my dear friend, you should see some of the “cakes” I have made for my children’s birthdays. Ha! If there was a worst cake maker award, I’m pretty sure I would win it. Happy birthday to Willa! 5 is such a great age. My Lucas is turning 5 on Friday. Where did the time go?!

  3. Lora Lynn Fanning says:

    Courtney – Oh, it’s not “bad,” just underwhelming. The child gets gypped by my holiday exhaustion every year, poor thing. I’ve had my share of disasters, too. 🙂


  5. Oh, that just made me tear up! How awesome was that? Some people ARE just awesome. I think I will do that too if I ever see a Happy Birthday note to someone on a car/van/truck. Happy Birthday Willa. You will love being 5.

  6. “Sometimes, people can be awesome.” I am totally crying. That was wonderful!

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