Catch Up

How about I catch us all up right quick before life gets away from me?

IMG_9206We are in full-blown school mode now. I think all the planning and noodling it over was worse than actually just doing it week in and week out.

IMG_9227Finn has insisted on participating in copy work time with us. I give him a crayon, some paper, and a snack (because any and all events should include food, he says) and he happily sits with us for the first element of school. Start ’em young, I guess…

IMG_9228My friend Annie Downs wrote a new book. I can vainly admit to you that I make a cameo, but more importantly, her book Speak Love is changing the way we teach our kids to use their words. Highly recommend it.

IMG_9219We’ve decided to just name the pantry “Finn’s office.” He has learned to go in it and demand his own food. He hides stuff in there to save for later snacks. And he has no problem just plopping down to finish a wayward sandwich he pilfered from who knows where.

IMG_9246I had a birthday. Andrew made me a cake and I licked the bowl all by myself. It was a good day.

IMG_9299I mentioned we set up a little dance studio in our basement. The mirrors were delivered last week AND I found a bunch of leotards and ballet skirts at a consignment sale. My girls have pretty much lived in the basement since Friday, choreographing their own dances. It makes my heart sing.

IMG_9271I found Finn a pair of Converse high tops at the consignment sale. Then he put them on and I died dead on the floor from the cute.

IMG_9308We studied the San Francisco earthquake today, so Adam and Ellen each picked something to build a house out of and then we subjected it to an earthquake to see if it survived. Ellen’s marshmallow house didn’t hold up so well. Not that it mattered since she thought I would let her eat it when our experiment was over. Alas, I insisted they only got one marshmallow each. The rest went back in the bag where I hope we will remember they’ve all been touched and we won’t pull those out to use for s’mores with company. Future guests, you’ve been warned.

IMG_9234Finn is a busy man. He’ll eat, but he must be doing other things while he eats. I’ve found that his lunch disappears faster and without angst if I just hand him a little toy to play with. One day, he drove his toy car through the jelly and licked it off the tires, over and over again. He was quiet for thirty full minutes put together.

IMG_9309We loaded up the gang and made our monthly run to Costco tonight. This is what the van looks like loaded with seven kids and four shopping carts worth of goods. The trip went fairly smoothly but by the time we’d done all the loading and the pushing and the buying and the crying at the cash register and the fitting it all into the van and then unloading it from the van into the basement even the littlest kids were totally exhausted.

They were in bed and completely asleep by 8:30.

And I won’t be far behind them.

Happy Monday, y’all.













  1. I hope you had a very happy birthday!

    Thanks for the tid bit on the book. I will have to check that one out. I have been trying to figure out how to teach my kids, even at this young age, how to speak love to each other. And, hopefully, not bite each other as we have dealt with today.

  2. love seeing your life with pictures 🙂 and those ballet dancing little girls ADORABLE!

    About the book, it’s sounds interesting, how do you like it?

  3. “One day, he drove his toy car through the jelly and licked it off the tires, over and over again. He was quiet for thirty full minutes put together.”

    I love it! Seriously. We might have to rethink our whole no-toys-at-the-supper-table rule.

  4. Lesley – Just to clarify, Annie’s intended audience is the teen crowd, but my boys are just a few years away from that now, so I see no harm in beginning to talk about how our words affect others. Annie’s got an easy to read, gentle tone but she packs a punch when she challenges all of us to make our speech look different. That Christians should SOUND different from everybody else.

  5. ooh! the book aimed at teens? i have three of those and MY GOODNESS the WORDS they use with each other…may need to check this one out asap! Thanks for the tip!
    Your Finn is so adorable. Those eyes. How do you ever tell him NO?
    And the ballerinas. Adorable. Capital A.
    Happy schooling!

  6. Once a month trip to Costco? You’re amazing! We end up going weekly and it’s just…not great. For anyone. Especially our bank account.

  7. Love catching up on your days ~ you are one busy mama! I LOVE the ballet dance studio – genius! ~ CA

  8. I adore that The Pantry is Finn’s Office. Noah feels the same way about ours!

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