By The Way…

A post I threatened to write awhile ago actually made it to the internet.  Problem is, it published while we were in Africa and I forgot to tell you about it.  I wrote about what a “normal” day looks like in our homeschool over at Simple Homeschool.  Am curious to see what the New Normal is once we all shake this plague…

Click on over and find out The Truth.



  1. Rébecca says:

    I loved your article ! It showed reality, but most importantly, the right way to react to it !
    I’m working on a ressource website for Christian mothers in French and I am gathering articles of interest to translate them. Would you give me permission to do so with your article ? I would of course include a link to simplehomeschool and/or your blog.
    I can give you by email the link to the website I’m working on if you want to check it first. There is very little content on it for now though…
    Thanks !

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