Birthday Eye Candy

Finn has the most expressive little face. We keep ourselves in stitches making up captions for his every glance and stare. And since I still can’t put two words together about our birthday weekend, I shall give you Finn Eye Candy instead.

You’re welcome.

Hubba Hubba…

p.s. Pictures taken by the sweet Hannah of Sage Hill Designs.



  1. OMG – I can’t handle the cuteness!!! That boy makes the best faces!!!

  2. Oh the expressions! What a riot! Simply adorable. 🙂

  3. So cute! I love the boy!!! BTW, he looks very like his father!

  4. Those cake photos are FABULOUS.

    Then again, HE is fabulous.

  5. Oh my gracious. Hilarious. Happy Bday Finn and Andrew!!

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