Bird Boss

So the predicted chicken fiasco went pretty well considering it was, well, ME at the helm of a big sharp knife.  I handed the camera to the twins and let them document it.  I am sad to report, they inherited my disappointing photography genes.  Most of their pictures were blurry.  The rest of them were random.  Like in this picture where I flashed the chicken a Poultry Gang Sign to let him know I’m his new boss.  Gulf Coast Holla!


A chicken and his neck are soon parted.


And here’s one where Adam flashed the camera.


I watched the video to figure out how to cut a chicken up, and then I went to hacking.  I didn’t really follow the instructions.  Once I knew the pieces I needed, I just went for it.  I handled it okay, although I may have squealed a little when that wily bird reached his little chicken wing up and grabbed me by the wrist.  I knifed him back into submission.  But I was understandably a little queasy by the time I was done.

I dissected the bird and marinated him in buttermilk, garlic, thyme, and salt and pepper. Once he was grilled, that feared fowl was delicious.

Which means, heaven help us all, I may have to do this again sometime.



  1. Thank you so very much for the Sseko help!

    I usually wear “sneaker type” mary-janes {like Sketchers brand} I’m on my feet a lot teaching middle school and go for comfort over style every time :o)
    Thanks again for the info… Ssekos look very comfortable so I’m hoping they’ll be merciful!

  2. And once again, I totally dig you. You are the bravest homeslice on the block.

  3. Correction my dear Bird Butchering Friend….it’s B.V.D. Cove Holla! Get it straight. =o)

  4. i’m laughing out loud at the gang sign comment (while simultaneously throwing up in my own mouth looking at that nasty dismembered chicken).

  5. You and your Poultry Gang Sign Gulf Coast Halla have me in stiches over here. If you need someone to film your next fiasco, I’m your girl!

  6. You are so hilarious and way braver than I am! I have only recently started roasting a whole chicken but have not tried to actually cut one up yet. May have to try your recipe though!

  7. jen in al says:

    Way to go LL! sounds delicious! seeing grilled chicken in the key fam future very soon! love your sassy apron! blessings, Jen in al

  8. I’m so proud of you. “Chest swell”

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