Because we consider you, Oh Faithful Bloggy Eyeballs, to be part of our extended family, we wanted to share with you an excerpt from an email we sent our extended families…

Dear Family and Loved Ones (the two are not mutually exclusive),

We have some exciting news to share with you.  Our family is hoping to adopt a baby from Uganda soon!

Over the last year, our awareness and heart for the plight of orphans has grown.  Then, as a church, we studied the book of James.  When we got to the verse that says, “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  (James 1:27), it became clear to us that it wasn’t just something to pray about, something to think about, it was something to DO.  It became an issue of obedience.

So, there are tons of ways to help the orphans.  At first, sending money seemed to be a clear solution.  But the more we read about children in Africa, the more we realized that while we could feed many, we couldn’t make up for the total abandonment many of them were left in.  We want to support orphanages and provide food to those in need.  But for one child, we can give them the love of parents.  We can give them a Forever Family.

We know the timing may seem strange, given all the children already in our home.  But we think we’re uniquely set up to bring a young one into our home.  We’ve got all the equipment, we’re already perpetually sleep deprived, and we’re pretty used to The Crazy.  Plus, we’ve got love to give.  Our children are still young enough that they will be resilient through any changes and, what’s more, they probably won’t remember much about adding this new sibling.  The adjustment from 5 to 6 will be natural and they will not remember a time when they DIDN’T have a new brother or sister.

And then we rambled on for more paragraphs than is deemed appropriate, even for this blog of verbosity.

The short version, O Bleeding Retinas, is that we covet your prayers.  We ask that you pray for the financial needs, the paper trail in front of us, the network of people it will require to help us to maneuver without an agency…  We need so much wisdom as we proceed.

And in all of this, we recognize God’s sovereignty.  He has a perfect plan, a perfect baby for us, in His perfect timing.  All we really need is the grace to wait for Him to provide, and the wisdom and courage to follow His leading.

Are y’all ready for an adventure?  Because The House of Vitafam is Goin’ Global, People!  And we’re taking all your Loyal Corneas with us…



  1. I will pray! This is awesome news!!

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations! Yes, prayers prayers prayers!

    TWO of my husband’s siblings announced over the weekend that they are also adopting from Ethiopia! Praise God for adoption 🙂

  3. If my heartstrings were a harp, you’d hear a Hallelujah chorus playing in joyful anticipation of how God will bless this endeavor. You have my prayers!

  4. Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for a while now (through our mutual in-real-life friends, the Farmers) and I’m so, so excited for you… It’s especially exciting to me because this is something the Lord has laid on our hearts, too. We’re hoping to adopt from Africa (Ethiopa, Uganda, and Rwanda are all possibilities), though we think we’ll need to wait until we move in a year a half.

  5. That’s awesome!!! Amazing!!! Wonderful!!

    Book recommendation: Adopted for Life, by Russell Moore. If you haven’t read it already, of course.

    We adopted an African American baby boy earlier this year. He is such a delight! And our first two children ADORE him. Of course, they prayed for a baby brother for a year, so the moment they saw him, they bonded. You’ll know what I mean soon enough!
    Wow – I am so excited for you! Africa is now on our hearts for next time, so I’ll be closely following your journey. God bless!!

  6. Praying for you and with you! Thrilled to witness this journey. I was blessed to be at your church for one of the James Sundays. Loved the msg — it was about the need for foster parents. Just loved the heart of your pastor and I love your heart!
    Praying as you begin the journey!

  7. You’ve got my prayers. What a wonderful journey to begin!

  8. This is so exciting. What a wonderful, wonderful thing to do.

  9. Can’t wait to see God’s plan for the Vitafam Family. Love you guys.

  10. We will be waiting to go to Legoland with him/her.

  11. Wow – big news! How did you decide on Uganda? What an incredible gift and blessing to you all.

  12. You rock. That is all.

  13. That’s so very exciting, congratulations on your decision and continued prayer for the process and protection of your dear family and new baby promised for the future!

  14. Kate Thomas says:

    Sending lots of prayers in your direction! God has certainly blessed your family!!! 🙂

  15. Yippee! Do you have someone doing your home study yet? I can recommend who we used. That makes me so long for our child in Liberia (whoever she is), unfortunately, Liberia’s government is not allowing any adoptions right now. You all are much in my prayers.

  16. How exciting! That is great news! We will be praying for ya’ll and for your newest family member!

  17. jen in al says:

    that is wonderful!!!! Rejoicing with you! As an adopted person myself and dh C is too i can say that we are so thankful for being adopted! Praying for you all! I know your little one will be so blessed to be a part of your family! ((hugs)) jen in al

  18. Oh my! I am so excited and thrilled for you! I can’t wait to go on this journey with you! You’ll be in my prayers.

  19. So surprising and exciting! I will certainly keep you all in my prayers as you embark on this adventure.

  20. What awesome news to hear you guys are expecting again! I thought it was nearly time for your family to expand again! I’m so excited to see your family blessed with another little one! Keep us updated as you journey through the paper work, home studies, etc! Thanks for letting us share your joy as you start this adventure!

    ~ Ali

  21. My siblings are all adopted… it is a wonderful thing! 🙂
    Prayers for a smooth and speedy process!

  22. What a suprise. I’m very excited for you and your family. If God has given you direction, you need to follow. He will make the path easy. I will keep you in my prayers. As you know I love children and the more the merrier. Hugs & Kisses

  23. WOW! And to think that I’VE been spending my time just debating about sponsoring a Compassion child. 🙂 This is wonderful news and will be the beginning of a beautiful journey for your family. What a blessing this will be for all involved!

  24. That is just wonderful news! Can’t think of a better family to pursue such a noble and joyful blessing! I will definitely keep y’all in my prayers. Yay!

  25. Awesome…so happy for you guys!!! Bring on the bigger van to the House of Vitafam! Saw BIG NEWS via FB and I expected you were expecting (um, more domestically, LOL) and Big S thought you were moving! We have a special place in our hearts for Uganda. Out church in HI has built 11 churches there, and Big S is considering a missions trip there if work allows. CONGRATS again!

  26. I was just thinking today that I must share about my new AA hair product find with someone! Remember me when the time comes. We hoped to adopt again eventually but have expected our family size might limit options. Thrilling! May He be glorified in how He shows off through this journey!

  27. One of your Consistent Lurkers here …

    thanks for including us in your awesome news! We’ll keep your family in our prayers.

  28. Congrats! I will definitely be praying for you!

  29. Leigh Johnson says:

    O.K. why wasn’t I on the friends and family email list? I am so happy for y’all. Please let me babysit!!!

  30. Hey. I don’t know if you remember me from Immanuel and MOPS but I figured I’d comment anyway. 🙂 I found your blog just recently and was excited to see your post about adopting. We’re adopting from Korea and hope to go pick up our daughter in December. Anyway, if you have any paperwork questions, please feel free to ask. The process is long and hard but I know it’s so worth it. Which agency are you using? I didn’t know there were any who facilitated adoptions from Uganda. Are you using a private attorney? Good luck and God bless!

  31. Oh, I am SO glad!

  32. yeah! That is wonderful!

  33. I had a hunch…does that count?!

    How fun to watch this next portion of life unfold for ya’ll!!

    And of course, prayers will always be headed your direction!
    love you,

  34. oh vitafamiliae!! we are so excited for you guys! you know we have a heart for adoption too, we will be praying for you all and cannot wait to hear more updates!!! big hugs!!

  35. Wow, how exciting! Looking forward to following your journey.

  36. How exciting! Congratulations!

  37. How terrific! Praying for your family! May God bless you as you continue to seek His Will.

  38. Hi I found you through Connie at Smockity Frocks. I’ll be following you from now on. My husband and I have 5 kids, we adopted our 4th from Kazakhstan. We would love to adopt again at some point in the future, as well. I’ve been writing a series of posts this month on adoption. Check it out if you have time.

  39. How wonderful! My best friend from high school and his wife adopted their daughter from Ethiopia one year ago. She is beautiful, healthy, happy, and the greatest blessing in their lives! Check out D’s blog: http://www.aroundtheworldand2kids.wordpress.com — you know, in all your spare time!! 🙂

  40. yes, i’m totally behind….but trying to catch up! this just fills my heart with JOY. this is such a blessed journey. so amazing the things God does when we listen and obey!! will continue to pray for your whole family. praying your little one HOME!

  41. This is awesome news! Congratulations on the expanding family–can’t wait to see how things go!


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