An Update

I’m too done-in to come up with a catchy title.  Just wanted to check in and say that we’re all fine, Mira is doing fantastic.  As Gran put it, “It’s like she’s always been here.”

And by that, apparently, she means that Mira hadn’t been here a week before we exposed her to the flu, as we do with all of our loved ones.  I was just getting over last week’s Africa-in-my-lungs bronchitis when the majority of us joined Ian in his cold/flu/whateveritisihateit.

Have already medicated for the evening as I type this, so I cannot be held responsible for these sentences.

But, in the grand scheme of things, our adjustment to Miss Mira has been pretty smooth.  She already adores her brothers.  And her sisters are growing on her.  And since she now knows our dark secret about sharing the plague with one another at least a few times a year, it’s safe to say, we’re all gonna get along just fine.




  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet! I hope everyone is feeling better. And welcome home, Mira!

  2. Love it! (The “like she’s always been here” part, not the flu!)

    Hope y’all feel better soon.

  3. Sharing snot is just another way to say “I love you”. Mira’s probably never felt quite so loved? But our prayers continue for your adjustments and everyone’s health. Sorry to hear that taffy Mom is under the weather. I owe you a long email about the impact your story had here in GA. Maybe later today. Meantime, heal, rest, heal, rest, heal.

  4. oh so sweet! it is so wonderful to see her with everybody! 🙂 ahh, she is beautiful and so cute! I hope y’all feel better so soon!! Saying a prayer for you, A, and all the littles right now!

  5. Loveliness! Sweetness. 🙂

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