An Afternoon With Ellen

Last weekend, Ellen and I found ourselves alone in a quiet house. The Littles were sleeping and Andrew and the boys were off doing Man Things. It was the perfect opportunity to do a little activity I was inspired by my friend to try.

We tiptoed up the stairs and locked ourselves in the study. I hauled my wedding dress out of the closet and slipped it on her small little frame. She giggled with delight. Then I grabbed my trusty iPhone and snapped some pictures.


She laughed and told me a silly story her Aunt Bob taught her about ‘Rindercella who “slopped her dripper.”


I let her be herself.


We both laughed.


She even practiced walking in the dress.


She liked jumping in it better.


She may not want to wear my dress some day in the (distant) future.


But she loves to wear it now.


And so we enjoy it together.


And she is beautiful.


This was a precious way to spend the afternoon with my daughter. Highly recommend it!



  1. Beautiful!!!

  2. Kathy Caplinger says:

    I am crying reading this

  3. Oh, my goodness.
    These pictures are perfection. This is beautiful.

  4. AAAAWWWHHHHHHH!!!! I LOVE it, LoraLynn! So precious!

  5. Oh, beautiful! My wedding dress is carefully packed away (I think even vacuum-sealed – we used real silk for it, so we wanted to do everything possible to preserve it), but this is enough to tempt me to get it out.

  6. What a great way to enjoy the dress together. There is never a better time then the present.

  7. Oh I love her little face! So precious LL.

  8. Oh my goodness,did you tear up at all while you were snapping?? Beautiful sweet girl! What a fun special time!

  9. What a fun thing to do! Can just imagine what fun you both had. She is gorgeous! Hugs

  10. I’m inspired!!! 🙂

  11. SWOOOOON! So pretty, and such a sweet idea.

  12. What a beautiful Great Granddaughter. She will always remember this time with her mother. Make a collage of the pictures. Much love to you both.

  13. This is seriously precious! I love it!

  14. What a great idea. This almost makes me wish I’d kept my wedding dress. Almost. But I have other fancy dresses the girls would love to enjoy. Hmm

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