All It Needs Is Iambic Pentameter

My kid is a literary genius. I’m convinced. He wrote a poem, unprompted, for his co-op writing assignment last week.

Hark, how Sam personified the hamburger and captured the digestive tract in poetic motion:

IMG_7848Allow me to translate his genius for you:

(Remember, he’s writing like he’s a hamburger being eaten.)

As I went down the tunnel of doom

Through the month of June,

I went down stomach

I thought I was in public.

I was chomped and lomped as I went down to the ground.

Then I was squooshed and mooshed to my surprise.

I went through somethin’

It was disgustin’.

Oh, Shakespeare?

Eat your heart out, dude.

And then digest it.

To the ground…






  2. Speak!

  3. That should be cross stitched and framed. Or not. But keep that piece of paper, proud Mama!

  4. Mealnie W. says:

    “It was disgustin'”… oh how I laughed at that line! Literary genius. 🙂

  5. That is fantastic. I am a huge fan of digestive poetry.

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