Advice To Live By… All Year Long

In this season of resolutions and clean starts, I’ve felt nothing but a conviction to keep plugging away.  Sure, we’ll do a new Bible reading plan and memorize some new verses, but, generally, I’ve not had a sense that some great revolution was under way. More that we will quietly stay the course here, be faithful with our minutes, and let Jesus be at work as He always is.

As I was thinking back over the last year, I remembered my magical birthday party and the advice that some of my favorite women shared with me.  There’s not really a theme to this so much as it’s a collection of wisdom from women in all walks of life. And their words are timeless…

Maybe something will resonate with you as we walk into the new year.



Click here for a printable version.



  1. Love it! Thanks for putting them all in one place.

  2. LOVE!!!

  3. “Don’t replace yourself with the goodness of God to bring another to repentance.” What does this mean? I’m a Christian and I have no idea what this is trying to convey.

  4. Lora Lynn Fanning says:

    Jen M. – Yea, I wondered if that would come across as vague. It was in the context of ” don’t assume that YOU are the only person who can bring someone to Christ. He is at work all the time.” Maybe I’ll work on re-wording it a bit. Thanks!

  5. Love all of these. And YES to heels:)

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