A Quick Columbus Day Lesson via YouTube

Today we’ve punted all other school plans in favor of me wandering amidst the laundry with my bar of chocolate in my hand a quick study of Christopher Columbus.  Thought you guys might like to see how I pull together a quick unit study for Columbus Day with nothing but YouTube and an internet connection.  Here’s the links to what we watched:

This was a great overview, just silly enough to hold their attention, but factual enough to please me.

This was a bit over-the-top dramatic, but it gave them a good idea of the boats (something my boys love) and a sort of “this makes it real life” moment.

Nothing says “important educational experience” like a bit of Sesame Street.

And now, if I can locate the scissors and construction paper (which I most likely hid after our last arts and crafts experience), we may even do a craft.

But don’t hold me to that.  I may need more chocolate before that happens.



  1. Yikes! With our trip last week and me being sick and at the dr’s office yesterday, I totally forgot it was Columbus Day! Thanks for the reminder and links! I’ll have my 1st grader sit down with me for a little picture show.


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