A Parade of People


It has been a whirlwind. We’ve been filled to the brim with chances to love on people we love and it has plum overwhelmed us with joy.

Last week, we enjoyed a visit from some snow birds who needed to soak up sunshine, sniff some pollen, and recover from the longest winter ever. Our little neck of the woods was happy to oblige them.


I also got to spend a few hours with everybody’s favorite soap-maker. Nothing like a true heart friend you haven’t seen in awhile to pick up right where you left off with. That’s a mighty sweet visit.

And I meant it when I said I would have let her in the door even if she didn’t bring soap. But I didn’t mind one little bit that she brought me a bundle of goodies.


On Saturday, I had a not-as-happy task to attend to: a funeral. Fortunately, I got to enjoy the company of my dad for the day and that’s not a half bad way to pass the time. Thanks for road trippin’ with me, Grampaw!


If you’re a long-time reader, you may remember my Anonymous Friend C, her husband The Chef, and her sweet parents: Queen Martha and Papa Don. Sadly, we said goodbye to Papa Don this week.

I’ve heard that friends are the family you choose. If that’s the case, I chose C. and her family chose me. Because we all love each other like there was some fierce DNA involved. And my heart is broken with theirs at the loss of Papa Don.

But their little band of misfits landed on our doorstep Saturday night and we got to shower them with lots of coffee and affection for the weekend. Behold: Queen Martha, The Chef, and Anonymous C.


We laughed, we cried, we ate. OH, HOW WE ATE.

You know the Food Network show Chopped? The Chef treats my pantry like a mystery basket and comes up with brilliant creations like this chicken stuffed with feta, spinach, apple, and kielbasa on a bed of brown rice with a side of “special sauce.”


I might have wept a little it was so good.

On Monday morning, the kids and I drove Mama L to the airport and sent her off with as many hugs as we could squeeze in. By this point, our pantry held nothing but stale crackers and a wayward raisin.

So I put on my Big Girl Panties and took all seven kids to Whole Foods. By myself.

No, seriously, I did. Look:


Truly, the kids were great and we left relatively unscathed. Which was a good thing, because Gran and Pops arrived last night and while they are absolutely the easiest guests in the world, its generally assumed that I’ll have food on hand.


Andrew and I love hosting. Our home full of people we love is like standing in a waterfall of rainbows and unicorns for us. We grin and soak it all up and let ourselves get doused in the exhilaration and the exhaustion of staying up til 1 am to solve all the world’s problems and eat ice cream.

Now, I’m not gonna lie. With such an influx of company, my inner introvert pitched a hissy fit on Monday night and got sent to her room for a few hours alone. But today we’re all back in the magical waterfall with Gran & Pops, splashing and giggling with glee. We will spoil them and smother them while they help me fold laundry and read to the kids and then we’ll send them off in anticipation of doing it again “real soon.”

And then after my inner introvert has had another time-out and caught up on the DVR, we’ll fling wide the doors to whosoever shall enter.


Who’s next?

Anybody up for some coffee on the front porch?



  1. I’m in! I would love to visit you, LL, and hang out with everyone. You are wonderful.

  2. ME!

  3. LoraLynn says:

    Sarah Bessey – Book it, Bessey. I’ll fire up the espresso maker.

  4. I’m actually really curious to know more about the art of hospitality as an introvert. I feel so strongly that God wants me opening up my house more and yet my introvert is hermity and struggles. If you ever need an idea for a post, THAT is one I’d love to read. 🙂 Love seeing you and all your people. It gives me hope.

  5. LoraLynn says:

    michelle – Hmmm, that’s a good question. I’ll think on it and get back to you. 🙂

  6. This week has made me realize how very selfish my inner-introvert is. Oh – and entitled. Wow she thinks she can demand alone time on a daily basis and get it, regardless of whether someone wants to nap or not.

    So all that to say, I hope you and your inner introvert get a mini-vaca very soon.

  7. It really was a wonderful visit. <3

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